Easiest Chinese walnut cookie recipe – Bánh quy óc chó

Hi everybody As promised before, today I will make a dish with flour Chinese style walnuts We need 135g or 1 cup cake 1/2 mcf of salt 2g salt 21g walnuts 50g brown sugar 64g light butter Here you see butter in two colors But nothing special I just finished the dark butter and bought another one Then mix by hand If you do not want to use butter, you can use cooking oil After mixing, press down by hand The next step is to create the cake Here I use a spoon measuring 1 tbsp Mix the mixture Press down Now we have a nice circle Place on a tray with a candle holder I will teach you how to put a walnut on your face Use chopsticks on your face Remember to use the small end of the chopsticks Squeeze small walnuts to fit, press on the hole After this step, bake 170C in 15p After removing the cake, place it on a cool stand and take it away Today I have a guest to check my sp This is my little guest Actually I made this cake for him Let's see how he reacts Mom: Good? Mom: Good? Son: Good


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