Cucumber and Celery Weight Loss Transformation Juice

Hey, my friends, Drew Canole Welcome to another Saturday Strategy

At the end of this video, I'm gonna be giving away a brand new Kuvings juicer to one lucky winner who left a comment last week So let's get on with today's show Today, we're talking about one ingredient juice recipe for weight loss and transformation One of my favorite things to juice on the regular is actually celery Now you may not like the taste of celery but I want to encourage you to get used it

Because when you understand the magical properties of this vegetable, it can be completely life-changing 16 ounces of celery juice in 7 days helps to restore your entire digestive process It's going to put the good microbes in your gut 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut 90 percent of the serotonin comes from your gut

You want to be happy, juice celery When it comes to your transformation and weight loss, celery is like no other See the fiber? These little strands They're going to go inside your gut and clean it up As Mother Nature's floss, what is it doing your gut? You see this little lining? This inulin? This fiber that's in here? Look at this

Now imagine it going through your whole intestinal digestive tract, scraping out all the bad, replacing it with the good When you juice celery in an empty stomach, how magical is mother nature? Next up, if you wanted to make a one ingredient juice recipe that could aid in your transformation and rapid weight loss, it's the mighty cucumber, my friend Cucumbers are cooling & ayurveda If you look at a cucumber, what do you think it is? Is it a vegetable or is it a fruit? Take a guess! Two seconds It's a fruit It's got seeds in the middle my friend Where else in your life are you judging someone on the outside without knowing what's in? This is what I love about it And what really helped me in my transformation to put on lean muscle, at the time when I was trying to do it , was there's an enzyme called [inaudible] in a cucumber

[Inaudible] go in your body and they help you absorb proteins more effectively Break it down, absorb it Turn it into energy Turn it into muscle Get rid of that body fat

That's why the cucumber's so important with your overall body transformation Why do you think people put cucumbers on their eyes? Can you tell? I'm going to use two cucumbers today because I want to be hydrated These are base items in a juice When we're making a juice, a base item is something that has a lot of water, a lot of liquid We got a lot of liquid in these, right here

This could be enough for your weight loss juice But what are we going to add to it that's so magical? The third all-star player of this is turmeric, 2017's anti-inflammatory root You can see the color of turmeric It's this orange color Ginger, its cousin, is more yellow, just like this

Turmeric gets rid of inflammation in the body The more and more weight we gain, the more and more toxic we build up, potentially messing with our adrenals, messing with our endocrine system, our hormone, our reproductive system, and our body's ability to lose weight fast So if we start treating inflammation from its source, from something that's so powerful that Mother Nature has designed, it starts to shift So I'm going to add turmeric to my juice today just for you We're going to add a little piece of ginger

Ginger is going to warm the juice up a little bit Ginger helps press out toxins out of our digestion tract We got leafy greens Leafy greens are loaded with magnesium A lot of people are deficient in magnesium so they crave things that aren't good for them like

I'm looking at you sugar! I know you've been eating those cookies, that ice cream at night Well it's time to stop, if you really want to hit your transformation weight loss goals So next up, we have parsley A lot of the weight problems people are experiencing today isn't even because of what they're eating or what they're doing in the gym

It's all about their emotions How many times have your emotions become erratic? Well, parsley is a settling herb It helps you settle down on your emotions Now if this is your first time juicing, which I'm going to act like it is Or if you just want to sweeten it up a little bit, we have the apple

Now what's crazy about the apple is it's one of the most detoxifying things on the planet You know, this every vegetable and fruit has a signature This is perfect If you look at this, it's a star Now if you were to turn this star back at me, every single one of those little links points back at an organ in my body

"Apple a day keeps the doctor away", that's the old saying, right? It's so true, apples are absolutely amazing If you want to transform your life, eat three apples a day, or just simply throw it in the juicer It's got all types of vitamins – vitamin C, vitamin A, unbelievable This is so cute Look at this! Hmm! Alright, so next up, I'm going to add this to the juice in the blender and we're going to blend it up afterwards

This is the nurturing, most motherly fruit on the planet If you look at at it, it even looks like a womb The avocado helps with the reproductive system It actually takes nine months to grow an avocado Similar to what? 9 months to grow a baby

So if you're trying to hat conceive, have a baby, avocado is great for that It's loaded with good fats, and it's also the closest thing in nature to breast milk And on your weight loss and transformational journey, a lot of the enzymes, aminos, the bio-constituents that you need you're simply not getting nowadays, add a half of an avocado to your juice, it's going to keep you full, it's going to satiate you and you're going to feel good all day knowing that you had the amazing avocado So let's juice it up, let's blend it and then try our amazing juice Wow! That's really good

Hmm And when you drink it, you can know that you're well on your way for your transformational goal Whatever it is, 5 pounds or 50 pounds or more, know that when you start to restore your body's internal way of dealing with those toxins, that fat, those things that you've stored over time, you'll start to heal from within and the weight will just simply start to melt off So food is medicine, for sure, try this juice, let me know Set yourself up to win by downloading the Alpha Reset

Click the link below this video and let's give away our juicer right now, shall we? So Heidi Fernett, congratulations, big round of applause for Heidi She won the juicer So, "Hi Drew and company, another great video!" "In my family, we try to juice as often and be healthy and have energy" Juicing took on a deeper importance to us when my sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer She's an adoring wife, a mother of two with precious kids

She's trying to juice through her treatments to ensure her greater success But unfortunately, her juicer broke "So I want her to win the juicer", said Heidi Now, how noble is that? How caring? How giving? How unselfish is it to reach out and leave a comment on our Youtube for someone else? outside of ourselves? That's a true Fitlifer, my friend That's somebody who's thinking about the world, thinking about the planet and wanting to make a difference

So Heidi, congratulations to you The juicer's coming out to you Subscribe to our YouTube channel ,up right there And make this delicious juice because it's time to transform Summer is coming and nobody's going to do your transformation for you

So take the power back, implement these procedures, these ingredients in your life And watch the magic happen Hmmm So good! Wow! Stay, stay! Do I look okay?


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