Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Mix Ingredients for Potato Kuegel

Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village now we'll mix the ingredients for our potato kuegel together first we'll crack the eggs into a bowl you want to check them make sure they don't have any shells, that's 3 eggs Now we'll add 2 tablespoons of the oil and we're going to beat that up with a fork, you can use a fork or a whisk, beat that up

Okay it should be pretty well incorporated you don't want it to be lumpy, and now we'll add our grated potato and onion we'll stir that up a little and then we'll add our flour, just sprinkle that over the top, our salt, and our pepper Now you want to stir that up nice and even and then you'll taste it a little bit to just make sure it has enough salt and pepper First you want to stir it good and even and just with your finger your just going to taste make sure it has enough salt and pepper, make that taste good okay, next we're going to put our potato kuegel into our baking pan


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