Classic GREEK SALAD recipe!

It's all Greek to me! Greek salad, coming up next on Weekend at the Cottage This recipe is a shout out to all the people in my life who have a Greek heritage, my niece is Jelena, Lexi, my friends Sofia, Marina, everyone I know who's Greek

We're making a traditional Greek salad I think it's fabulous and it's worthy of the praise it receives It goes with everything, it's easy to prepare, and I know you're going to love it We'll start by making the vinaigrette for the recipe Whisk everything together

I like to make the dressing in advance so those dried oregano bits can soak up the oil and vinegar Now we're onto an assortment of great vegetables – the fresher, the better We have 2 long cucumbers I'm going to cut them in half and then again into quarters Rough chop them and into a large bowl

I have 1 red bell pepper, took off the cap, took out the seeds You can use green or yellow if you wish We're going to slice it up a bit, rough chop and added to the bowl I have one red onion, cut in half, cut in quarters and then kind of dice it Sometimes you see red onion cut into rings

This I think is more for a restaurant presentation, in this application, I want all the ingredients tossed together the bowl before we serve 6 fully ripened vine tomatoes Take off the tops, rough chop them Add them to the bowl Now the two essential ingredients to a Greek Salad, you have black Kalamata olives

I like to do this recipe with the pits still in and we also have feta cheese which is the cheese of Greece It's a blend of sheep and goats milk and you can purchase it in a large block like this Cut it up into bite-size pieces and place it into the bowl All of the ingredients are in the bowl I usually give it a quick toss now

Whisk the vinaigrette Added it to the salad Toss everything together You can adjust the salt and pepper at this stage before you place it into a bowl and it's ready to be enjoyed You can enjoy it with fish, meat, poultry

I kinda like it on its own served with maybe some warmed bread It's a fabulous item and also really stores well so if you have leftovers you'll be ready to work the next day with a wonderful, tasty, healthy, beautiful looking lunch Greek salad is really good ummm really good! and the olives have Pits! Looking for other great recipes, head to WeekendattheCottagecom Look for us on our dedicated YouTube channel

Look for us on your favourite social media feeds Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Finally one final ευχαριστώ which is Greek for "Thank you" who shared this fabulous recipe with the rest of the world I sure like it and I know you will too Enjoy!


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