Cauliflower Bread – Paleo and Gluten Free Recipe | Episode 42

just saying pretty facetious of me to say YouTube star hi everybody my name is Alex welcome to my kitchen where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what I'm working with today is cauliflower eggs fresh cilantro and have a half a lime so naturally I'm gonna be making bread you heard me right I said bread deal with it the first thing you want to do is take off all the leaves from your cauliflower you want to get to the bottom of your cauliflower and really just cut off the big woody part nobody likes the big wood am i right so then just cut off all these little stems and then we're just gonna give this a good rinse now you don't really have to cut this up very well because we're putting the whole thing into our food processor here take it and oh that got really hard as soon as I thought it was easy oh my god like we're just making big chunks of cauliflower in here and then I gonna cut off the really like dense stem part of it on to the magical food processor so magic work your magic everything went except this one lets see if we can get that big guy taken care of he beat me now he is for snacking got a great big bowl here I'm gonna put all the cauliflower into here scoop it all out I mean every last bit Oh now put this in the microwave for three minutes you want to just steam a little I have Taylor Swift's new song stuck in my head I think we can all agree it's not a very good song sorry I know old Taylor can't come right now cuz she's busy but like new Taylor you need to get your shit together I'm one to talk I have the most beautiful singing voice on the planet well that's cooking let's cut up some cilantro now I know some people don't like cilantro I don't like you either just kidding I love you you could probably use parsley or any other kind of like savory green and I like to keep my fresh herbs like this so it's almost like a cut flower so you have a little bit of water at the bottom and then you take the baggage that it came in and you just give it a little home and then this guy can last in the fridge it lasts so much longer alright so I'm just gonna take off the end it's catchy sure is I probably only listened to it like once and I can like sing-along and I'm just gonna really chop this up nice and small don't cut yourself okay guys chop chop chop chop chop chop chop it into time oh it smells super good cilantro cilantro alright out cauliflower is hot it's steaming can you see the steam now release all the moisture from realistically we should let this stand for a couple of minutes so it's not super hot in actuality though I'm just gonna go ahead and do it do as I say not as I do so I've got this dish towel type thing I think they call it like a bread towel so I'm gonna take all my cauliflower right into the middle of here and then scrunch it all up into a nice ball in the middle balls and wood that's all we're dealing with over here today people then we've got a nice little parcel piping hot cauliflower right here squeeze it out I think I'm gonna start to take my own advice cuz it's so hot that's what you do that's what you will do in a few minutes when this isn't so damn hot when you spread it out like that it gives it a little bit more surface area for the steam to evaporate okay so got my bowl here and put all my cilantro in and I pre watch the cilantro before I put it in the fridge just FYI I do that with all my herbs I'm gonna take one egg with the cilantro I always find it good to crack an egg on a flat surface because then you're less likely to break the shell but I think I went for that one a little bit hard salt like a good amount don't be shy pepper and then we're going to whisk this up this would be a dang good omelet just like eggs and cilantro yeah next up you're gonna need a baking sheet lined with parchment paper I prefer parchment paper over aluminum foil because aluminum is bad for your brain all right we got nothing else to do but see if this is too hot still so lets see oh it's still pretty hot but I'm doing it YouTube star go to er with third degree burns on her hands is that really what you want from me people see how much water is coming out of this cauliflower it's like actually insane especially since the cauliflower seems like such a dense like dry veggie now keep squeezing until really it's like think there's still a lot coming out you wanna keep squeeze until there's really not a lot coming out now this is the greatest new smoothie trend cauliflower water now take this cauliflower mix and dump it into your eggs so it looks like so much less cauliflower than we started with like now it's just this tiny little ball once you open it back up and mix the egg together it'll seems better okay this looks really good make sure you break up the cauliflower really well because there may be pockets of it stuck together cuz he squeezed it so hard so you really want to make sure that you're opening it all up again and getting it well incorporated into the cilantro and the egg I'm gonna add a little bit more salt this looks so nice guys we're doing it alright so here's a trick if you want to cut something into even portions pull it to one side of your bowl and then find the middle and slice it in half and then you can do this same thing again press them into the sides of the bowl and then take it in ah okay so now we're gonna have four patties I only know one I have two because one is the cartoon so take care of first mix here today we're gonna shape them into bread like bun circles technical term people so we've got circular action I'm gonna Pat them down you kind of want them to be about the same density flatness height I don't know you want them to all be about the same size and height so that they cook the same time beautiful I don't know how long to cook these for I forgot about the lime it should've been mixed in so I'm just gonna mix it into batter people mix the lime juice in known as little tray into a preheated 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes and we're gonna flip it halfway through so I'll be back when the tops are getting a little bit crispy and we'll flip it over BRB it's still in my head damn it okay so it's been 15 minutes I got these bad boys out of the oven though around the edges at the bottom they're getting really crispy and golden brown so I'm gonna flip them over come on baby oh yeah we got a nice like golden brown happening on the bottom here back into the oven I'm only gonna do 10 minutes this time so I'm just gonna be watching them a bit more closely so back into the oven safety first so they're sliding around which means probably cooked on the bottom let's have a peek oh yeah could use another minute why do they know these smell really nice the line is really coming through in the cilantro I was like man now you could leave these on a wire rack to cool or just put them on a plate like I'm doing now and we've got some beautiful paleo bread I can't wait this would be perfect for something savory like as a burger bun that's what I'm using it for people it's gonna be so good taste it try it you'll love it you'll be making it all the time let it sit ha ha so taste it hot hot but so tasty it's really good it's tasty it's flavourful let them cool down before you do anything with them alright guys that's all for today I hope you've enjoyed this recipe for paleo bread if you did be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe if you hated it be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe also because that's what we do your sharing is caring until next time I hope today's recipe helped to make you bread a little bit lighter see you next time boo you know what this would be really good with some roasted beet ketchup if you want to see that be sure to tune in to the next episode bread monster


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