Budget Pestos

– [Woman] Pesto is a delicious edition to any number of dishes and meals, but you're probably well aware that the ingredients required for this delicious sauce are quite expensive Experimenting with alternative greens, nuts, and cheeses is a great way to get a whole lot more pesto into your mouth and into your life

Here are just a few for you to try To switch out your greens, parsley, cilantro, and arugula can be used raw The tougher stuff like kale or collards will need a quick blanche and boiling salted water to soften them up, and should be drained thoroughly to make sure you're not adding a bunch of extra liquid to your sauce Feel free to mix and match as well There's a plethora of tasty nuts and seeds out there that substitute well for the expensive pine nut

Before adding them to your food processor, give them a good toasting in the oven, and let them cool completely, which will lend great roasted notes to your finished sauce Any hard, salty, aged cheese will work as an alternative in your pesto (light serene music)


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Budget Cooking

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Budget Cooking


Budget Cooking

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