Best Keto Zucchini Bread Recipe || Low Carb Courgette Loaf Cake

Hi, I'm Ginger, and today we're making keto zucchini bread Here is what discovered zucchini bread is actually courgette cake loaf here in the UK, so it's a sweet bread I seem to understand

No panic courgette and zucchini is the same thing So that's gonna be our main ingredient for the day it's one of those recipes that I personally love because The entire concept they dunk everything in a bowl mix it together, bake it, boom, done! It's the ginger philosophy that all in a bowl mix boom done So for today, we're gonna need Baking powder, a ton of it, brown sugar replacement, eggs, Lemon juice, because it's gonna react with the baking powder bring in even more rise to this loaf Walnuts, because they're typical of this zucchini loaf bread They would technically have sultanas as well

We don't because keto spices are gonna be nutmeg and cinnamon, coconut oil is gonna be our fat, and Flour wise we're trying this new mix which picking things here and there it's sort of the ratios that I realize Paola from gnom-gnom uses from the recipes that call for flour So we're trying sort of her ratios if I got it, correct So we're using flaxseed, almond flour fine, and psyllium husk As I go and put this together, let me tell you a couple of things first one thing that Zac one of my new patrons actually made me realize is that it could be a very good thing if I actually had captions in my videos As you can tell the Automatic caption from YouTube are not really helpful with my accent

I am really sorry I am trying But by now after 11 years here, This is as good as a British accent as I'm gonna get So no British accent, really But what can happen is that you guys can actually submit and help to make the captions? So I'm gonna repeat in a few videos you don't have to you have so you don't have to

Like, I do know how long it takes because that was actually my first job (funny thing enough) Big bowl, so believe you me because of that I do know how long it takes and the effort it takes so I'm not asking you to do it and to do it for Me for free or anything else If I could afford it, I would pay someone to do that I can't yet and I've been told it would be useful for people with actual hearing impairing to have the captions So if you want to, if you have any kind of spare time at all, and you want to do that, you can actually Contribute to the captions here So, you know now just saying

Right let's start putting everything together in the bigger bowl that you have possible I would start with the flour So I'm going with the almond flour in Not a unicorn, but we spank them anyway, because that's how you get everything out Flaxseed

I use golden because it just gives me the idea of bread when you use brown, it's just as good It doesn't make any difference really It's the same thing, but Again, it gives you more the idea of of farmhouse bread This is more just like golden brown And psyllium husk, very powdered, not just husks

Psyllium husk is basically our gluten here, or tries to emulate that As usual in these cases I would go for all ingredients dry first and then we put the wet ones and see what happens Brown sugar substitute, in this case Sukrin gold But if you're in the US

, you can get Lakanto Golden as well, very nice I'm gonna add the baking powder, Cinnamon, Not too much It's just to give it an idea of spice in the final result, but shouldn't taste cinnamon, shouldn't taste nutmeggy Oh, is this bread egg? It shouldn't be just 2 eggs Wallnuts

Now you are seeing my courgettes (zucchini) here to make things easier What I did is taken two courgettes (zucchini), wash them, grate them And once you grate them, take a lot, a whole lot, of kitchen towels and Try to get as much moisture as you can out of them If helps, this is my final result I passed it through three levels off kitchen towels And he went down to weight 260 grams

So you know that that should be the "dry" amount We're going to just roughly mix the ingredients like this We're gonna pretend that the zucchini are actually one of the dry ingredients in this context, even if their still a bit moist So, this is our "flour mix", let's say You don't have to use walnuts, you can omit the nuts, you can use other nuts like pecans, Macadamias undoubtedly, indubitably are fattier

Just trying to stay as close as possible to the original kind of zucchini bread recipe trying to make it as keto as possible as well Right, this is our mix Now we go in with the wet ingredients, which are gonna be coconut oil Which in this house, with this heat, in Wales, as much as its Wales, it's just melted on its own Two eggs (caption: one, one, ONE EGG!!!) (don't rebel egg!!!) And lemon juice, which I'm putting as last because it's the one that is gonna react with the baking powder

(Well, with the back our minds a sort of part in the baking powder So the latest it reacts, the better) Let's go in! (Thank you) [to lovely assistant) I'm using spray coconut oil Right! And we transfer it Like honestly it's, it's, I feel like it's really, really bready

[makes noise as Ginger's struggling] It makes sense that it's supposed to be bread in the end No, I understand Given my previous experiences I know by now, that when you have a doughy consistency like this, do not be afraid push it into the loaf It will rise on its own eventually Otherwise, it will just add cracks

(Thank you) [to lovely assistant) Because I was preparing for this recipe, by the way, I looked around and saw that, as usual, Tasty/Buzzfeed had decided to jump a bit on the keto bandwagon because it's what's popular now So I think like a courgette week is coming and if you'd like that do let me know Leave me a comment down in the comment section below And yeah, I reckon it might soon be courgette week, and all courgette based zucchini recipes So in preparation for courgette week, now you have this recipe

But also one of my best recipes today, that has been unfairly overlooked if you ask me, was the zucchini courgette cake from the British Bake Off that we did last year So, you had this, too, to look for And already make And in the coming episodes other courgette-based stuff will come That was delicious ,even a blueberries to decorate, and icing, and everything

If in general you want to have a say about the recipes I make, your way to do that is to join my Patreons actually Thank to all 41 of you! Thank you so much! You believe in me and you participate actively in what I do And they get to choose recipes as well, topics for my research So, if you want to have a say in what I do, your way to do that is to join the VIP circle You find a link up here, and down in description below

And if you decided to do so, thank you so much and I hope you love the slices of cake that are coming out of this Right! Speaking of which, let's go into the oven and see how this then comes out And here we are It's later as you can tell, it's much later It's tomorrow later As with every recipe developer in the keto world sometimes it takes more than one, two, three, multiple times

But eventually, I made it The reason I made it in this mini loaf, and this is the reason why the actual number of ingredients you then find are for this much of a loaf If you want to big loaf, like the normal tin loaf cake, it's gonna be four times as much But you find that conversion as well, for four times as much, like a proper loaf, and different baking time, all in the video description So down below, open the video description, everything is there

Along with all the ingredients and all the links While I was tinkering with the flour ratios, based on powder from Gnom-Gnom, clearly there was some wrong tinkering here and there So, it took me a couple of times to actually come up with one that would work, with also the sweetener and everything that makes this zucchini bread though A zuchinni bread, like a proper one, zucchini bread, the sweet one, version of the US and the cake loaf [?] courgette version that we have here in the UK Again, I don't think it ever took me this many attempts, but I think it's really, really worth it

mmm This is nice Oh, yes

This is definitely[?] the best [mumbled through yummy bites of zucchini bread!] Whoever came up with the idea zucchini bread Well done I can see the point It's not pound cake, even if it's sweet and it has a bit of a bready consistency

Well done Good idea there Don't worry, all the ratios now are fine So go for it, With trust to your kitchen because I did all the heavy work for you! You find all the ingredients, again down in description below, and all the measurements you see in the video I put the mini loaf [said in a mini souse voice] If you want the bigger loaf, again down in the description below

If you bake this, do come and show it on the Facebook group! Because you wouldn't believe how many people make the recipes, and usually always make them better than I can So do come and show it on the Facebook group It's a [wonderful ?] community anyway You find the link down in the description below as well And if you know someone then wants to do keto, wants to be healthy, and has no way then to eat bread and bready stuff, Hey! Here's a solution for zucchini back

So share this recipe with them If this video was useful to you, please don't forget to like, maybe consider subscribing, and if you subscribe, please don't forget to ring that bell-ell-ell! I committed! [to off-camera lovely assistant] Because that way every time one of my videos is out, you will be notified and you can come and see me Thanks again for watching and I will see you tomorrow with a new keto friendly food Yay!


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