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Alright this is John Kohler with discountjuicerscom

Today we have another exciting episode for you and what I'm going to do in this episode is actually explain to you guys in my the best juicer that I would use for juicing beets Frequently we get questions at discount juicers about John, what's the best juicer to juice beets because I heard it could improve your athletic performance, I know a lot of you guys are into sporting events and competition and if you guys are into that stuff you guys definitely want to get some beet juice as well as other fruits and vegetables in you for their benefit It's shown that beets have nitrates in there that can increase the oxygen holding capacity of your blood so that you could perform better in sporting events They have studies on this They also have studies for people that have high blood pressure how beets can lower your blood pressure

There's actually studies on beets could help older people with their brain Also, help with serration levels Is there anything beets can't do? I mean, beets are a wonderful food and more people need to get them into them, but the challenge with beets is if you're just trying to eat whole beets you can only get so much in, right It's got the fiber and you can't really get that much in, that you're not going to get the benefits of raw beets, you definitely will, but please keep in mind when you do cook the beets you will be losing some of the beneficial nutrition in there, including the enzymes as well as some of the protective phytonutrients and phytochemicals For that reason the best way to get beets into you in my opinion is to juice them because now what the juicer allows you do to, it allows you to concentrate and maximize the most beneficial parts of the beets including the antioxidants, the nitrates, the vitamins, the minerals, so that you could get a lot larger quantity into you

For example, if you juice, not that I'd recommend doing this, if you juice five pounds of beets, you get five cups of beets which is a lot of beet juice to drink I do need to give you guys a warning that when I started drinking straight beet juice I'm like yeah beet juice is good, I'm going to drink a lot I must have juiced like four big beets and just drank the juice straight and then about, I don't know, half hour later I was driving to my car, I have to stop, pull over, open the door and I puked my guts out because beets are also really good for detoxing your liver So before making any kind of dietary change you should consult a dietitian or a doctor or something like that If you do it on your own, go at your own pace

If I was changing my diet and was starting to include beets into my diet I would start off slow I'll give you some more tips a little bit later in this video Start of by just adding like half a beet, or a half a cup of beet juice and don't drink it straight, no matter what you guys do Mix it with some stuff so the reactions not going to be as strong when it gets into you so that you won't be puking it up like I did Even if you guys think I'm a man, I could take it straight

I dare you Make a video if you do it and I want to see you puke Puking on beet juice, that'd be a good video Probably might even go viral for you guys So we're not here to talk about the many benefits of beets today, why I'm here today is because as a juicing expert and I know all about the juicers, I have over twenty juicers that I own myself

I get to select the right juicer for the right job I'm here to share with you guys the best juicer you guys should buy if you guys are in the market or looking to juice beets, specifically There's a lot of different juicers out there and I know about each one of them, their pros and cons and how some of them may actually reduce the beneficial nutrients that you're getting out of the juice that you're making and you may not get the full benefits that you're desiring Alright So first let's go ahead and introduce the different styles of machines on the table

We have today, we have two main styles We have one high speed machine that's over on this side, that's the Breville Juice Elite, and then over on this side of this table we have all slow juicers So I highly encourage you guys, to purchase a slow juicer for juicing beets and other fruits and vegetables that have delicate antioxidants and protective phytonutrients in there because the high speed action of the juice, whether that's in a high speed juicer or high speed blender will lower the overall amount of phytonutrients that you'll get in the juice as documented by scientific studies, which I have videos on or a scientific study I have a video on In addition, like for example if you juiced broccoli in a high speed machine versus a low speed machine specifically they did testing on a machine like this and a machine like this, they had fifty percent less cancer fighting ability on the juice made with a high-speed machine I know a lot of you guys may own these high-speed machines, and I'm not going to say they don't work

You could be getting further benefits to just get that extra edge over your competition or to get that extra edge to keep your brain clarity or that extra edge to lower your blood pressure more efficiently potentially by using one of these slow juicers And this is the thing, information that research hasn't really gotten into This is basically based on my opinions and my research and what I've seen studying juicers for many years So I would use of the machines on this side and on the machines on this side we have the Slow Star Juicer and this is a vertical single-auger juicer Next we have the Omega NC 800 which is a horizontal single-auger juicer and then finally we have the Green Star Elite which is a twin gear, slower juicer

Each one of these machines have their pros and cons depending on your goal So for example if your goal is getting the highest nutrition and the highest quantity out of the beets you're juicing, then you're going to want to use the Green Star Elite This machine will probably get the highest yield of any of these, or any slow juicer single-stage slow juicer on the market It just works very efficiently Now, the challenge with this is it's more expensive than the other machines and also it takes a bit more time to clean

The next model that I might recommend to you guys is this one, this is the Omega NC 800, this juicer's really good if you want to juice a lot of sprouts and wheatgrass along with some amounts of carrots and beets It doesn't tend to get like maybe the highest yield and you also need to sit here and push each produce item in as you do with the Green Star Elite, so it's going to take you a bit longer to clean That being said this machine is the easiest to clean of all the machines here today and also this machine runs on low and slow 80 RPMs and this machine above all others that are like it on the market it actually has the largest feed chute, so that's why I prefer this It's going to mean you're doing less cutting and actually more juicing That being said, every juicer has it's pros and cons and the machine I would chose for juicing beets if I want to juice a lot of beets, get the highest nutrition and have an easy time of juicing and cleaning, is this guy

This is the Slow Star Juicer and I like this because it's a vertical auger juicer, literally you just cut the beets up, you drop it in there, you do not have to sit there with the pusher and push the produce in like you have to do on all three of these machines This is auto-feeding So this is going to save you guys a lot of time Also because it is a vertical design the pulp is going to work through and it's going to get a fairly high yield on things like carrots, fruits, leafy greens as well as vegetables There's a pretty well, all-around good performer juicing whatever you may be juicing

The other reason why I like and choose the Slow Star Juicer for juicing beets instead of other vertical auger machines is because this is a second generation machine It doesn't have a hole in the bottom of the screen that will likely get clogged with beet pulp or the leafy greens of the beets, which is another thing you guys should be juicing Because it doesn't have that hole in the bottom of the screen The other reason why I like it is because this is a solid, durable performance motor inside there I've never been able to clog this juicer up, so juicing a lot of beets, beets are really hard consistency and they may stop other slow juicers in their tracks like inexpensive ones, you may have problems with it

With this you're just going to drop in the beets as I'll be showing you guys in a minute and it's going to juice it on up for you with no hassles In addition, this also has a full ten-year warranty so you're going to be guaranteed you'll be able to juice beets for the next ten years, guaranteed Same with all these guys This guy's a twelve year warranty, this guy has a fifteen year warranty, and the Breville actually, the high speed machines generally have a short warranty The Breville has only a one year and many of the ones that you may be getting at a local department store might only have a ninety day warranty

So to sum it up If you're going to juice beets, get a slow juicer number one Number two, get the one that's going to do the best for you Once again, you know, you want the most performance, the most yield, the highest nutrition, get this one It's going to take you longer to clean and it's going to be a bigger invest to make in the get-go but overall it's going to pay for itself

If you want something to do leafy greens, wheatgrass as well as beets then this is your guy This is going to do great on those things I f you just want to juice beets fast and easy and get like a really good, high quality yield and be able to juice other things easily, then this is the way to go I personally like the vertical slow juicers in my life or my busy, hectic lifestyle because it's really fast and easy Simple to clean and I could have the juice and drink it and get the benefits from it

So next what I want to do for you guys is actually just go ahead, and I'm going to go ahead and juice one of my favorite recipes, which is a beet-pineapple juice So let's go ahead and get some of these extra juicers cleared off and show you guys how we're going to juice in the Slow Star Juicer today So now I want to share with you guys the recipe I'll be juicing today in the Slow Star Juicer and my simple recipe is simply this It's just beets with pineapple So we got like five beets here

We got some standard red beets I want to encourage you guys to not only juice the standard red-color beets but get the other color beets These are some yellow colored beets They're kind of like orange on the outside These beets will have and give you the same athletic performance and blood pressure lowering

Either of the different colors will I like to rotate them up because every different food of different colors have different phytochemicals and phytonutrients in them For example, the standard red or purple beets have more of the protective betalains, which are known as antioxidants These are really good for us, but I'm sure the yellow ones have some other kind of pigments that are really good for us as well So yeah, I juice them all

Now beet juice can be kind of strong That's why I like juicing the yellow beets I have three nice, large yellow beets and it's crazy that these large beets here are going to get juiced up in the juicer without any problems in just a second Then we're adding the pineapple in there Now I'm juicing pineapple because pineapple contains an enzyme known as bromelain which could be helpful with reducing inflammation from what I hear

Then, the pineapple will make the beet juice taste way better and if we're, because we're juicing the yellow beets, they're not quite a strong tasting either Plus we should get a really beautiful color with this recipe So the juicer we're going to be using today is the Slow Star Juicer and I want to go ahead and show you guys how this works Basically, you put the produce in here, the produce will go down the chute and into this chamber here where it hits this guy This is the auger and this has a dual-blade cutting system where there's one blade here, one blade here

So the auger comes around and chucks off little pieces of the produce As it chunks off the produce and this is spinning, the produce goes down and down and there's really crushed and squeezed and the juice is then wrung out The juice is then wrung out through this juicing screen right here and the juice comes out through the holes and the pulp goes out the bottom of the screen through this little outlet port here So the pulp's all collected here and the juice will all come out the juice spout here Now this piece is actually known as the automatic wiping blade and the job of this piece is to spin around as the machine is working, so that these little silicon flaps will basically wipe the screen clean like the windshield wiper on your car

So that means you're going to get the best yield out of it When lining this up there's a little dot on here that you have to line up with the white dot here Just locks into place T hen you're going to go ahead and take your auger, drop that in place It sinks all the way down there, make sure that's all way seated

Then you're going to take the red dot on the top of this housing, line it up with the white dot here, put it in place and then turn it to close and then if you assembled it properly you should be able to turn it on Now one of the reasons why I like the Slow Star Juicer is because it's a slow juicer, runs at a low and slow 47/48 RPMs and it's also very quiet compared to some of the other machines So I guess without further ado, let's just go ahead and get juicing, show you guys how easy it is to juice in the Slow Star First off we're going to, turn the machine on Then we're going to start juicing

Oh and before we do I want to go ahead and put this strainer here Some of you guys may like the pulp and I do encourage you guys to drink the juice with the pulp, it's not a big problem I don't like the pulp so I'm going to go ahead and strain it out, it's totally a personal preference thing We'll also show you guys how much pulp is generated with the Slow Star Juicer with this particular recipe Now when juicing in the Slow Star you want to rotate the produce items you're juicing

So first we're going to stick in the pineapple in there, then we're going to go ahead and put some beat Now it's important to rotate the produce items you guys are juicing in the different textures because if your machine has all the pineapple first, the soft textures may tend to jam up the machine and then the nice hard beet textures will help push the produce through the machine So here we got the yellow beat here on the inside and the pineapple As you guys can see the juice is starting to come out Let's go ahead and throw some more pineapple in there and throw another piece of beet in there

Now the cool think is on this machine is you just literally drop the produce in the machine and it automatically feeds for you as long as you cut the pieces small enough, you cut it too big and they make it stuck in the chute But gravity basically feeds this machine Here's another piece of pineapple, drop it right in there, and drop a piece of beet in there, it juices right up, super simple, super easy That's why I like the Slow Star Juicer because other machines you're going to have to literally sit there with the pusher, pushing each and every piece of produce in Next, let's go ahead and cut this standard purple or red beet in half, look at that nice deep color

Here's a comparison of the yellow beet there to look at that I want encourage you guys especially if you guys are gardeners grow your own beets and grow different kinds of heirloom beets, they're all amazing Let's go ahead and throw this guy in there and see the color difference Alright, now we got a nice rich color coming out, this is going to be a nice, amazing pink juice What I think I'm going to do next is actually I'm just going to go ahead and speed this up for you guys so you don't have to sit here while I'm juicing all my pineapples and beets and we'll come back at you when I'm about done

Alright, so we're just about done juicing the pineapples and the beets I've kind of raised up my strainer here because it's kind of sitting in the juice because we made so much I think this is the last piece of beet to put in the machine It's going to juice it on up Now after you put the last piece of produce in the machine you're going to want to let the machine run, I don't know maybe another thirty to sixty seconds because it's still processing and making more delicious juice for you

Alright, it looks like we're all done We're going to go ahead and turn that baby off and let's go ahead and close this spout here Move this strainer aside Basically in the strainer we have some pulp and juice that's still dripping out Let's see, I can't really show you guys that because it's like just a lot of foam actually

That's probably due mostly to the pineapple It tends to makes things foam a bit Let's go ahead and pull things off and let's go ahead and pour this out so you guys can see what it looks like Alright, let's go ahead and pour this juice out Let me show you guys the consistency here, look at that

Nice, rich, clean beet juice after straining no pulp inside there That's a nicely pigmented juice, we're going to go ahead and try this for you guys Wow, it's actually quite good You taste like the rootiness, I don't know if that makes sense, the rootiness of the beet, but that sweetness of the pineapple comes right through This is like a punch to serve at your next like athletic party, so like everybody at your team party, so everybody on your soccer team could have better performance before the game

Y'all should be drinking this stuff instead of any kind of Gatorade or Cokes or anything like that Wow That's delicious Not only can beets help you with your athletic performance, not only can it lower your blood pressure, not only can it act as an anti-inflammatory with a really potent betalains in there It can help you guys with ED because it increases the blood flow

That's really cool So the things I've learned over all these years of teaching about juicers and healthy lifestyle and diet tips is basically this, every different fruit and vegetable has beneficial phytochemicals and phytonutrients Today we're just happening to talk about beets but every other food including carrots and turnips and radishes and broccoli and onions and garlic and berries they all have a plethora of phytochemicals and phytonutrients These are the things that allow you to perform better These are the things that will unclog your arteries or better than that not clog them up in the first place like other foods, like trans fats, like junk foods, like processed foods, things in packages/bottles/jars, animal foods in excess

We want to get more of these fresh fruits and vegetables into us and the Slow Star Juicer along with any of the other juicers that I showed you guys earlier is an easy way to literally concentrate one whole pineapple and five beets like I did make a juice out of it and then enjoy it so that you can better your life, better your performance, and better your times in bed too So if you guys enjoyed this episode hey please give me a thumbs up to let me know, that'll motivate me to do future videos about this topic and many other topics in the future, when I go into specific juicers for specific produce items because I know that there's a big interests in juicing beets I want you to be sure to share this video with others who you may think it will help Also, be sure to click that subscribe button right down below to be notified of my new and upcoming episodes I have coming out about every five to seven days Be sure to check my past episodes, my past episodes are a wealth of knowledge, over 450 videos now on comparing juicers and blenders and dehydrators and the products that allow you to get more fruits and vegetables in you so that you guys can be healthy

If you guys enjoyed this video I do encourage you guys to support me and my work by making your purchase at discountjuicerscom, this allows me to continue to make these educational videos for you guys to be the change in the world that I want to see So once again, my name is John Kohler with discountjuicerscom Be sure to visit discountjuicers

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What we have today is the Omega TWIN 30S and if you guys are long time subscribers, which I do encourage you guys to subscribe, by clicking the subscribe button right


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