Best Juice Recipe to Lose Weight and Detox Fast

Alright, this is John Kohler with ‘DiscountJuicerscom’ today we have another exciting episode for you and in this episode what we’re going to be sharing with you guys, is my number one recipe for losing weight

I, myself many years ago was overweight and I wasn’t in the best of health so I had to figure out how to turn my health around and one of the main ways that I did that was through juicing So, now a days I’m a lifelong juicer, I’ve been juicing now for over 20 years and this recipe that I’m going to share with you guys is my latest creation that’s going to help of you guys that are looking to lose weight I have another video that I’ll post the link to down below, it’s entitled ‘The Best Drink Ever Discovered to Lose Weight’ and that’s where I introduce the concepts of juicing and just talk about juicing and their overall benefits and how it can help you lose weight and the main points are: Juicing allows you to concentrate the volume of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that you get into you Unfortunately most Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, they eat to many processed foods, fast foods, and junk foods Yea, you, you know that you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables but it’s like, “John it’s so hard to eat fruits and vegetables,” well hey check it out, what I’ll be doing in this segment is taking five pounds of fruits and vegetables that I got on this cutting board that I’ll let you guys know the specific ingredients and why I’m using them in a second

We’re going to take the five pounds of produce that I could sit there and eat, you don’t need to buy a juicer to eat these foods, these foods are available commonly at a grocery store and what not near you and sure, you don’t need to buy a juicer you can just eat this stuff But, eating five pounds of produce can be challenging and take actually a lot of time, cause you want to chew it and turn each mouthful into mush, so I prefer to put them through the juicer and juice them on up and simply get about 40 ounces of juice from five pounds of produce and I could easily drink 40 ounces of juice for breakfast for example instead of eating a normal breakfast and I’m starting my day out right, with a myriad of phytochemicals, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals The reason why the vegetables and fruits are so good for us is because they’re generally low calorie foods compared to other foods you’re eating, processed foods, junk foods, even animal foods They’re very high in calories but more point they’re low nutrient foods, the fruits and vegetables on the other hand are low calorie but high nutrients, so this is the exact opposite of how you guys have probably been eating You know I’ve been eating actually high nutrient low calorie foods now for over 20 years now including making juices a regular part of my diet and as much as I like juicing and people go on this juice fast and they lose weight

I don’t want you guys to go on a juice fast to lose weight, I want you to incorporate juicing as a mainstay of your life that you do each and every day Because as much as you can go on a juice fast and use this juice every day for 30 days and you’re definitely going to lose a lot of weight, the problem is you’re going to stop the juice fast, you’re going to go,” I lost a lot of weight,” and then you’re going to go back to doing what you did to gain the weight in the first place Which I don’t want you guys to do so I think a more solid approach instead going on a juice fast and using all this stuff for 30 days and juicing and losing weight, is just make this a regular habit and part of your everyday life Everyday generally I wake up and I’ll have a juice either for breakfast or for lunch and then I’ll eat my regular lunch or breakfast, and then my dinner and I’ll eat healthy foods So, besides just making the juicing the part of your everyday routine, I want you guys to eat healthier and I’m not really going to get into that at any new length, but I will say is that I know ‘Dr Oz’ recently put out -if you guys are watching this one when it first aired- ’21 Day Weight Loss Challenge’ and on this, he has an app available on different app stores, but basically he’s recommending a plant based diet he’s recommending eating fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and grains and all these kind of things and it’s the plant foods that have all these beneficial phytochemicals and phytonutrients that are going to help you lose weight, and all the highly processed foods and animal foods encourage weight gain because they are all so low in nutrition and have a lot of calories and our bodies literally can’t handle it

So, with that what I want to get into next, is actually get into why I’m using this juicer today This juicers known as the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite Model C7000’ I like this machine because it is known as a slow juicer, a slow juicer runs at a low and slow rpm, it doesn’t run at a high speed It isn’t too loud in your kitchen like an airplane taking off in your kitchen like some inexpensive juicers you might find at a health food store or department store, this runs at a low rpm so it maximizes the nutrition in the juice This is very important, I know a lot of you guys must be saying, “John man, juicing it’s a waste man cause you’re removing all the fiber,” well I want to correct you guys that say juicing removes all the fiber Number one: Juicing removes part of the fiber, there's two kinds of fiber that have been identified and actually many more than two common types that are talked about

There's soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, the soluble fiber is soluble in water so that comes out when you’re making the juice, what you’re losing when you’re juicing is all the insoluble fiber that does not dissolve in the water and depending on what you’re juicing, so for example like on a carrots here: Carrots are approximately 50% soluble, 50% insoluble I think it’s more like 48-52, but close enough and when you juice carrots you’re still going to retain approximately half of the fiber that’s in with the juice because it’s a soluble type of fiber and the soluble type of fiber is actually in some cases a more important type of fiber than the insoluble, but that being said, we should get enough fiber in our diets none the less and that’s why I recommend juicing once a day You’re going to get some soluble fiber and then other parts of the day of course you want to have a healthy salad, a healthy recipe made with vegetable soup and all these other things and beans and legumes and all these things that are a quite healthy source of fiber But, maybe not necessarily when you’re drinking your juice cause let me tell you, removing the fiber definitely helps you out; it allows your body to basically uptake more nutrition than keeping the fiber in When you blend up things or even when you chew things up, you may not get optimal digestion because –especially if you’re chewing- you’re not chewing up long enough and if you’re eating the fiber with the foods, you’re eating the insoluble fiber than your body’s going to have to deal with that

But, when you drink it in a juice form and you’ve removed all the insoluble fiber, the villi in your intestines have an easy time to basically suck up –for lack of a better word- the nutrients in the juice, so you’re going to have a better and more immediate access to them so that they can benefit you and your body Now another reason why I like the slow juicing instead of the high speed juicing or even the blending, is because there is documented scientific journal published studies that show when you juice for example, broccoli at a low speed or a high speed or even a blender and then you measure that for polyphenol content –which is basically antioxidants- there's more polyphenol content in the juice made with the slow juicer So if you’re saying, “John why does that matter, polyphenol content?” Well here's the thing, they took the polyphenol content in the juices that are produced in the low speed, the high speed, and the blender and then they put that in petri dish with 6 different kinds of cancer, and the juice that had the most cancer inhibition was the juice made with the slow juicer overall I mean in some cases the other types were more effective on certain types of cancer but overall the slow juicer was much more effective, which basically shows that if you’re going to do something and take the time to do it, do it right I mean that’s what I learned in grade school So that’s why I want to use a slow juicer to give my body every possible advantage to get healthy, absorb the phytonutrients and phytochemicals, and shed the weight, if I needed to do that

Anyways you know I got only into this because of health challenges, I was overweight when I was younger, I also had things like asthma, allergies, eczema, and even things like –I got actually the spinal meningitis which was caused by complement immune deficiency which is a chronically weak immune system which the doctor diagnosed me with and he said he blamed it on my genes Well since that time I’ve had to actually turn my life around, I’ve been living on this lifestyle now for over 20 years, juicing almost every day that I’m at home and I’ve learned the right foods to eat So what I want to do in this episode is actually just show you guys my special juice recipe that I would use if I needed to lose weight and I basically formulated this recipe based around specific fruits and vegetables that have been shown to be helpful with not only weight loss and in some cases also inflammation, and I have some other ingredients in there for specific reasons So without further ado lets go ahead and get into the specific ingredients in my recipe today So as you guys can see I got a cutting board here full of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, now I have 10 ingredients on this cutting board that I’ll be making a juice out of today, now let me go ahead and introduce them and share with you guys why each ingredient is so critical to include in your juice

That being said, before I get into that I did want to let you guys know that you don’t need to drink this particular juice recipe to lose weight when juicing When I got into juicing actually, I juiced nothing but carrots and just would not eat breakfast and would just drink carrot juice for breakfast and carrot juice as a midafternoon snack and still have my normal lunch and dinner, try to eat on the healthy side and I still lost weight You know many people might drink a mean green juice and all this kind of stuff and they’ll also lose weight, because there's two main points why juicing works Number one: You’re reducing the amount of calories you’re going to be consuming because the fruits and the vegetables, guess what They’re mostly water, you’re going to be consuming mostly water, it’s also going to be very hydrating –hydrating, so you can shed the extra puffiness and bloat you may have because you may be dehydrated and retaining to much sodium, if you’re eating processed foods you’re probably eating too much sodium

But the other thing that’s very important about the fresh fruit and vegetable juices besides that low calories is because they are a plethora of phytonutrients and phytochemicals The phytonutrients and phytochemicals are so valuable to us and they’re not really talked about enough in our standard news, media and society But, there is documented research on how these phytonutrients and phytochemicals are so valuable So actually lets go ahead and get in to this recipe The mainstay of this recipe are the purple carrots, these are purple carrots here, if you guys have seen the purple carrots you know depending on where you live they may be easy or they may be harder to purchase

You know if you have a local ‘Whole Foods’ around you, you can buy purple carrots there They’re going to cost you an arm and a leg literally at ‘Whole Foods’ If you have a ‘Trader Joes’ near you, they sell a bag of mixed carrots including the purples, that’s how I get these Also stores like ‘Sprouts Farmers Market’ they also sell the purple carrots in a mixed bag for less money, so I try to dig through the different bags that have the rainbow colors and find the bags that have like 6 or 8 of the purple ones, cause that’s the ones that I really want to get Not to say that other colored carrots are not valuable but the purple ones are special carrots, so –of course I recommend you guys to grow your own purple carrots and/or visit farmer’s markets to find them if you’re not able

And if you can’t get the purple carrots don’t worry, just substitute in the orange carrots but for reasons that I’m going to share with you guys now, you’ll find that the purple carrots are much more desirable So the reason why I include the purple carrots in this recipe specifically is because there are some documented research where scientists basically did some testing on mice –which I actually don’t approve of, testing on mice cause I think its mean, cruel, and unusual punishment- but what they did was, they fed mice a standard American diet including water sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, to simulate a standard American diet You know maybe like a diet many of you guys are eating right now that got you to the weight you’re at and you know, guess what happened when the mice ate a junk food diet with high fructose corn syrup water simulating soda They gained weight, their artery function did not work as well, they had diabetes, and all these kind of things, maybe some of the issues that you guys might be having Now, I want to say that we are not mice but I believe that these foods will react in a similar way as us, of course this is not scientifically proven at this point

But, anyways the mice got really messed up, they got over weight, they had sickness and all these things and what they did was –they found out, “Okay, this food makes them sick, well let’s see if we can reverse that,” so the only thing they did, they kept feeding the mouse the junk food right, but in addition to the junk food, they juiced and fed them purple carrot juice That’s the only thing they changed in this scientific study and after they changed and gave the mice the purple carrot juice, they started to lose weight, they also lessened their heart disease situation, they also improved their blood sugar status or diabetes in their little bodies And so this is amazing, I mean they didn’t even cut out the thing that caused the problem which is the junk food you know, so I want you guys not to continue on junk food and make this juice recipe every day I want you guys to minimize/eliminate the junk food, the processed food, and the animal foods to the extent that you are able I know some of you, “John, I love my hamburgers,” Well fine have a hamburger once a week as a treat on Friday, after you’ve made this juice the whole week, right

I’m not going to say eliminate things that you like, but I will say that you guys should minimize and/or just exclude them entirely if they’re not serving you, if they’re not giving you the body that you want, if they’re not doing what you need to do then you need to lose it cause it’s not helping you out Anyways the purple carrots, the reason why they’re so beneficial, and I got 5 purple carrots in this recipe about a pounds worth is because: They have these compounds known as anthocyanins and this is this is the purple pigment, this is a very important pigment in the body When we eat it, it goes to work instantly in our blood vessels to do many things, including decreasing inflammation and fighting free radicals, and who knows what else So all I know is that I want to get these purple foods into me, and purple carrots are an excellent way to do that, as well as things like blueberries the outside skin of eggplants, black, you know wild rice or forbidden rice You know, you want to eat dark colored pigmented foods, whether you’re juicing them or not

So, the next ingredient I’ll be adding to my juice today are the beets, and you’re thinking, “John the beets they’re a dark color right-“ cause I’m using the red beets, “Do they have the same anthocyanins that like the carrots do?” Unfortunately they don’t, they have other plant nutrients or plant metabolites that are healthy for you including beta-lanes Beta-lanes can help protect you from radiation as well, them on themselves are very powerful antioxidants plus they contain nitrates that can help basically unstiffen your arteries and what not inside you, you know Sports athletes and stuff are like known to pound a bunch of beet juice, before they go into competitions and then they’re going to perform better, so yea we got a half a beet in there Now one of the things I’ve done is I formulated this recipe, so that’s it’s not going to be too hardcore and taste really nasty when you make it, you know I tried to put realistic proportions of some of these foods so that the flavors not super objectionable for you, and this is the recipe I’m using, of course feel free to tailor to your own specific needs, add more of this, take away a little of that

You don’t have to make this exact recipe, but I made this recipe for a specific reason and so I would really encourage you guys to follow it Alright, so the other thing we’re going to juice is this guy, this is the red or purple cabbage and once again much like the carrots this is also a nice purple color, also has the anthocyanins But, aside from the anthocyanins in the purple cabbage, cabbage is also a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, these include vegetables such as collard greens, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli, and arugula, boy choy There's be scientific research that shows these family of plants contain isothiocyanates, which are actually cancer protective and may be helpful against cancer You know when I talked about earlier, I talked about broccoli experiment they did and you know the broccoli juice had more cancer inhibition from a slow juicer than from a blender or a high speed juicer

So that’s one of the reasons why I got the cabbage in here for the anticancer properties as well as the nice purple pigments Now I want to let you guys know each one of these foods I see as functional food and I want to encourage you guys to eat foods that are functional, foods that besides just filling your belly, they’re giving you something that really going to allow you to better your health I can’t say that there's all this different phytonutrients and phytochemicals in white bread, so I would encourage you guys to reduce/eliminate or you know just get rid of it all together So the next ingredient that I’ll be adding to the juice today is one, nice, large cucumber Cucumbers are really hydrating for you, they’re really rich in water and that’s one of the main reasons why I’m adding in a nice large quantity, this one happens to be like 14 ounces and because I want really to add a nice lot of neutral flavor or water to the juice

It’s also rich in many of its own vitamins and minerals, but one of the reasons why I like the cucumbers is they contain a lot of soluble fiber that’ll help slow down your digestion, so you’re going to get a higher uptake of some of the nutrients that we’re creating today in this juice So the next ingredient that I’ll be using in the recipe today, I simply have two apples, and these are pretty commonly available fruit here And don’t underestimate the power of the apple, you know there's a good old saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and I definitely believe it You want to eat some apples each and every day, I mean apples are the original fast food instead of reaching for that candy bar or that cookie, reach for an apple man Grab an apple, grab a banana, grab an orange

But, anyways today we’re talking about the apples and the reason why I like the apples so much aside from all the different nutrients in apples, one of the main nutrients I like that’s in apples is the quercetin And the quercetin as studies have shown can help you reduce stress and if you have a reduction in stress, than you may have a reduction in the cortisol and some people say the cortisol causes the belly fat So you know I picked out many of these different foods very carefully to have specific reasons why I’m putting them in, and as much as it may help you reduce your stress levels the apples, it also adds a nice sweetness to the juice Now here's my tip, when you guys are picking out the apples to juice, I always encourage you, especially when using a slow juicer, pick out a nice hard firm apple Don’t get a soft apple, if you can dent it and its soft you don’t want to juice it, cause then the slow juicers going to make more of an apple sauce than an apple juice, so you want to get a nice firm apple, number one

And number two, you want to get a nice deep dark, rich colored apple The deeper the coloring on the apple skin, the more nutrients it contains because you know the phytonutrients are the coloring, so if you get like those dark, deep, rich, almost red purple Empire apples, those’ll be great I got the Red Delicious ones here today So, the next ingredient that I’ll be using today, in this recipe I’ll be using today: I got 5 stalks of celery, now I’m putting the celery in there for a multitude of reasons Number one, it adds a nice water to the juice recipe, so it’s going to dilute some of the other more stronger hardcore ingredients

Number two, it is rich in electrolytes, sodium, and other different minerals including trace minerals It’s going to give you a good shot of the electrolytes to keep your body functioning properly and it’s also very hydrating because its high in water content plus it has these things known as thylaids which can help lower your blood pressure I mean every fruit and vegetable is completely amazing, they each have their own benefits So, one of the things I encourage you guys to do –as much as I’m giving you guys a recipe today- is to don’t just drink this recipe every day, mix it up and drink different things each and every day, different colors of fruits and vegetables Try juicing and making your own juice creations, so you’re not drinking this recipe each and every day, you know which you could do if you guys wanted to

But, everyday what I juice is I juice something different, I juice whatever’s ripe in my garden that I got to harvest and use, whatever’s on sale you know at the grocery store that week that’s organic I just switch it up all the time Anyway, celery, amazing thing to add to this recipe Next thing, let’s talk about one of the heavy hitters here that I’ll be juicing today, and that is the turmeric The reason why I have the turmeric in the juice recipe today is because of its anti-inflammatory attributes, it’s probably one of the most anti-inflammatory foods on the entire planet and I know it’s a food –unless you’re maybe of Indian decent- is something that you’re actually not eating too often and you should include it more

Inflammation is implicated in many different disease processes in the body, so one of the things you really want to do especially if you’re trying to lose weight is cut the inflammation Cause inflammation can cause many different problems and so a lot of these foods actually on their own aren’t anti-inflammatory, but when you’re combining them all you’re going to get more of a synergistic effect You know, there's many documented research studies on turmeric and curcumin and other curcuminoids that are inside the turmeric and how beneficial they are, not really going to get into a lot of those I will say that turmeric is actually quite strong and potent so we’re just using a little piece today I think it’s about 1/3rd of an ounce, so not really that much This is the hardest vegetable that you may need to find if you’re making this juice recipe

If you go to a special Asian store they may have it and some better health food stores may have it as well “Whole Foods’ or ‘Sprouts Farmers Market’ I know sells the turmeric but most grocery stores may not sell it Now, if you’re not able to get the turmeric whole root, which is what I would recommend, number one you could always get some powdered turmeric and add it into the juice after you’re done, I actually personally don’t recommend that but it’d be better than not using it at all The next thing I’ll be using, I got these nice tomatoes here these are brown tomatoes, so instead of just the standard red colored tomatoes, these are nice, dark, deep rich pigmented tomatoes These have higher anthocyanins than standard tomatoes, in addition these also contain some lycopene which is in regular tomatoes So I added that here for once again an extra blast of the phytonutrients and the phytochemicals

So, the next ingredient I’ll be using in my recipe today is this guy: This is the hot pepper and this is one actually I grew in my garden, so I don’t care what variety of hot pepper you guys use, whether that’s a Cayenne or a Serrano or Habanero, whatever you can find What I do care about is that you guys get one that’s nice and full rich color You want to get one that’s like red or orange or yellow, don’t get the ones that are green The ones that’s are green are unripe peppers, and when the fruits unripe it’s not going to have the same level of phytonutrients as one that is ripe, because the plant has not been on the vine for a longer period of time to create all the different flavonoids, and phytochemicals and phytonutrients because it is sitting on the vine longer Plus because this is red, this is more nutritious than just the standard green pepper, Now the peppers or the hot pepper specifically have these things known as capsaicin and this is what gives peppers the heat, and the capsaicin is said to have a thermo-genic effect in your body which can help you guys burn the fat

Now, I’m not putting a ton of hot peppers in there man because this could really make your juice off the charts, unless you’re maybe from South America or Central America where you can handle the heat Just use one and for some of you guys you might to put like half of one depending on the kind of hot pepper you guys get So, so far so good, we’ve gone through nine different ingredients and these are the main ingredients of the juice recipe here and last ingredient, the tenth ingredient may actually surprise you I got one avocado that I’m going to be juicing, probably scratching your head right now, “John how could you juice an avocado, nobody ever juices avocados Avocados are too soft to juice and they’re just going to mush up on you

” Well here's the thing, this avocado or the one that I’m actually juicing which is right here has actually been –I peeled it, that’s number one, you want to get rid of this skin, there's toxins in the skin we do not want to be eating Number two, you want keep the seed in there, so the seeds basically been quartered and we’re just going to juice the unripe avocado, seed and all in the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite And the reason why I’m juicing the avocado, –and yes you can juice them when they’re nice hard and firm I don’t recommend eating them this way but juicing them that’s the only way I recommend using them Don’t get a ripe one, you want to get one as hard as you can, which happens often if you go to stores, cause you probably usually want a ripe one

But just buy the nice hardest one you can and you want to peel off the skin and you’re just going to throw that into the juice- now I’m doing that for a few reasons, okay Number one, it’s going to add healthy fats Healthy fats and avocados contain no cholesterol because they don’t come from an animal so this is you know, not like the cholesterol that can be bad that’s in things like dairy and milk and eggs and meats No cholesterol in the avocado, but the reason why I’m doing this is because it adds healthy fats into the juice So when there's fats in your juice, it slows down your digestive system along with the soluble fiber, so that means you’re going to get a greater uptake of some of the special phytonutrients and phytochemicals in the juice recipe

You know for example: the cuminnoids is enhanced when taken in with some fat, so that’s why I’m juicing some of the avocado So the other reason why I’m going to be juicing the avocado today, is because it’s the fruit that is highest in the phytonutrient known as lutein Lutein is also in things like Kale and what not, or Marigolds is actually another thing that comes in mind that has a high lutein But, lutein is a phytonutrient that’s good for your eyes and some studies suggest that it may be helpful against cancer as well So, yea that’s all ten ingredients that I’ll to be juicing today, I guess without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the juicing

So, now I’m going to be sharing with you guys how I’m going to be juicing all these ingredients, because it does make a difference you know high speed versus low speed machines I’m totally for only juicing in low speed machines if you’re able to, of course juicing in a high speed machine instead of not doing anything is definitely better and be sure to check the link down below for a nice high speed machine that’s actually less –costs less than one of these slow machines But, if you’re really into your health and dedicated to weight loss and lifelong changes I do encourage you guys to get a good high quality juicer such as the one I’m using today the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ is a juicer that I recommend for people who want to juice fast but still maintain a high level of nutrition in the juice and besides just making the juices, it’ll also allow you to get rid of that ice cream that you still may be snacking on for desert You can now process, frozen fruits and make a frozen fruit sorbet that has a consistency similar to ice cream, in addition you can also make low rpm smoothies unlike high rpm smoothies that you would make in a blender; the low rpm smoothie in the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ is not going to oxidize the nutrients as much as a high rpm blender would So, be sure to click that link down below I’ll put below this video, where I share more about this specific juicer

I’m not going to get into that now cause I just want to get into juicing all my stuff So, today what I’ll be using is I’ll be using a sieve to actually strain out some of the extra fiber in the juice, some of the insoluble fiber that does not dissolve in the liquid This is a completely optional step, if you don’t mind drinking the fiber, –actually I would encourage you guys to keep it in there You know the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ will keep some fiber in the juice, that’s a good thing or bad thing, depending on your preferences, but overall I would encourage you guys to drink it- I’m just removing it today to show you guys how much fiber is created with this juicer Oh, the other thing I like about this machine is that it has nice wide 3 inch feed shoot, so this the widest feed shoot on any slow juicer that’s available on the market today, and the reason why I like this is because it allows you to put things like whole cucumbers right down the feed shoot without having to precut it

In addition, I’m juicing some of that cabbage I’ll just be able to dunk the whole piece of cabbage in there without having to cut up into little small pieces like you might have to do on some juicers So, I mean it’s pretty much easy to juice all this stuff so I’ll just go ahead and turn this juicer on and we’re going to start juicing stuff What I do recommend first is always juicing something soft and watery, so I’m just going to go ahead and maybe throw an apple in there, then we’ll throw in a whole tomato, no problem whatsoever, maybe we’ll start to throw in a carrot, just drop the carrot in there, and when using the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ you don’t want to use that pusher, if you’re using the pusher you may be pushing things in too quickly into the machine Once that goes through then we can just drop another apple in there, it’s just going to suck it in, and once you see that apple disappear, we’re going to go ahead and throw that cabbage in there and then we’re going to go ahead and push it in with a little bit of a carrot and we got that cabbage already going in the machine It’s going to be a bit louder on the cabbage, that’s alright

We’re going to go ahead and follow that with an apple here and once it’s got that apple going through there, we’re then going to drop in the carrot Man, I wish you guys could see the coloring that’s coming out of the juicing screen here, you can kind of see it coming down the spout here; it’s really nice, deep, rich and purple That’s like sexy to me man, purple juice Alright, threw in another apple here, we want to juice most of the celery last but we’re going to go ahead and put in a little bit of celery now, let it crush some of that celery up And let’s see next up, we haven’t juiced any of that avocado, next we’re going to go ahead and dump in that avocado, let’s see how the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer’ does with the avocado

And drop in another piece of apple, even that pit of the avocado, no problem for the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ it took it, crushed it up, and extracted all the nutrients Let’s go ahead and throw in some more of the avocado in there and lets go ahead and throw this guy in there, the turmeric One whole little piece of turmeric going right in and we haven’t juiced our cucumber yet, so let’s follow that turmeric with this cucumber Now, one of the things you may notice on the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ is that not all the produce is going down in the machine So, when that happens in the feed shoot, than I encourage you to take a carrot –or at this point you can take the pusher- to you can make sure some of that produce is getting fed in

As you guys can see we’re making a lot of juice here, that we’re going to have to shake down our sieve here Next, let’s go ahead and throw in that half a beet right down in the machine, follow that by some celery Right now, I think we’re ready for the heat; and turn up the heat we’re juicing that pepper right in the machine, seeds and all, no problem for the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ Oh man, I love the beet juice as its coming out, it’s so nice, rich, deep red-purple color Aright, let’s go ahead and juice another piece of avocado in there , let’s go ahead and juice the rest of our cabbage, going right in the machine, sucks it right up no problem what so ever

You know, I want to talk for a second to you guys about the slow juicing technology Slow juicing technology has advanced much since when it was first invented maybe in the 1990s, this is the latest and greatest technology for juicing, it’s the kind that I recommend to you There's many different slow juicers on the market whether you got a ‘horizontal single auger juicer’ or whether you got a ‘vertical single auger juicer’ or you got something like a ‘twin gear juicer’ or even a standard ‘cold-press juicer’; they’re all considered cold-press juicers, and slow juicers are going to maximize the amount of nutrition Now, if you’re new into juicing the one I would recommend for you, especially for this particular recipe is a ‘vertical slow juicer’ such as the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer’ I’m using today It’s basically the fastest and easiest to use and clean

Aright, let’s go ahead and juice another piece of celery there So, special thing on the celery when we’re juicing the celery, I’m not just sticking it in and dropping it in, like I do with the carrots I’m letting the juicer chew off a little bit at a time and then I pull it on out This ensures that those nice long celery strings will not clog up the juicer too much This is very important, otherwise if you don’t want to do it like this, I do encourage you to chop of your celery into like a 8th inch pieces

That’s going to ensure that –minimal clogging and jamming with machine As you guys can see the pulp is flowing out of the machine quite nicely, this is very important, if your pulp stops flowing out of the machine and the machines jamming up than that means you’re not doing something right and you need to change how your juicing Now, I do like that the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer’ has a nice long warranty, now that’s very important This should be a consideration you guys when you’re buying a juicer, right Some juicers may have a short one year warranty, some juicers may have like a warranty, “Oh there's 10 year warranty or life time warranty on the motor,” well, let me tell you the motor is the least likely thing to fail on any juicer

So I encourage you guys to get a juicer that has a nice long warranty on the motor as well as the rest of the parts The ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ has a nice long 10 year warranty So, that means that if it ever fails due to manufactures defect in the 10 years you’re going to be covered and they’re going to go ahead and repair and/or replace the machine, so you guys can continue to get your fresh fruit and vegetable juice on You know I sod juicers to many people, I get reports literally every week of people that lost weight by juicing Hopefully now they can super charge their weight loss by using this specific recipe that I’ve shared with you guys today

So, the nice long warranty is your insurance that you’ll be able to get your fresh juice every day, cause I’ll have people, that are like, “John I need my juice every day and my juicer broke What do I do?” I’m like hey, “Well, hey call Kuvings up and they’ll take care of you, they’ll get you fixed up as soon as possible so you can continue to juice and continue to get the benefits from the fresh fruits and vegetables in higher quantities than you would normally eat” I mean that’s a big, huge challenge in America today, is that people are not eating enough fruits and vegetables But, when you juice them it literally makes eating the fruits and vegetables, fun I wouldn’t have had too much fun eating five pounds of produce that I showed you guys on the table here today, but what I’ve done is I basically juiced all five pounds of produce and I’m creating some over a quart of vegetable juice that’s going to be delicious and nutritious to drink

I think I’m almost about done, I had too much of this stuff on the table, and we got one last piece celery I would encourage you guys always to juice the celery as last, so we’re feeding a little bit of the celery in at a time Also allowing the juicer to pull down some of the excess pulp, that hasn’t actually gotten ejected in the machine Alright, now that we’ve got that last piece of celery going in there, its pulling in some of the additional fiber and pulp in the top of the machine, and the main thing is when using the slow juicers you want to let it run Don’t just put the last produce item in and then turn it off, right

If pulp is still flowing out of the ejection port and juice is still flowing out of the spout here, you want to let run –maybe even another minute or so So, we’re just going to go ahead and let this run maybe about another thirty seconds or a minute, and we’ll come back at you, when we’re ready to drink the juice Alright, so looks like the juicers done juicing, no pulp is coming out anymore, there's just some last drips, so we’re just going to just go ahead and close this spout cap, which I like a lot Move, this out of the way and bring our juice front and center for you guys We’re going to go ahead and shake out any pulp that came into the juicer and as you guys can see, there's just a small bit of pulp that the ‘Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite’ made, and we made approximately like- wow, we made 6 cups of juice when juicing about 5 pounds of vegetables, so this is actually quite an impressive yield

The next thing I’m going to do, is that we’re going to go ahead and take a glass and we’re going to go ahead and show you guys the consistency on this juice Once again we got all the insoluble fiber removed and kept most of the soluble fiber Nice, real thin consistency, especially after straining, and look at that color This is the kind of color of the juice I want you guys to drink, it’s a nice rich, deep red-purple color, this is a sign of those special anthocyanins that are probably going to help you lose weight and get healthy Now, the next thing we’re going to do is we’re actually going to super charge our juice

You know there is research on turmeric that shows adding some fat when consuming turmeric will increase the amount of nutrients you’re going to absorb from the turmeric as well as with other fruits and vegetables But, another thing with the turmeric is that you should add some pepper, so we just got some standard pepper here –pepper corns black, green, and white So just to spice this up and make sure we get more nutrition from that turmeric, we’re just going to go ahead and –just a few grinds in there to add a little bit of pepper We’re then going to go ahead and take that glass straw, mix that up really nice You’re probably not even going to taste that pepper, and now we’re going to go ahead and drink and enjoy

You know what, that’s one of the best juice recipes I’ve ever created Now, I want to warn you guys, I definitely feel the heat My mouth is nice and warm right now but that's good, because its winter time right now, and many of you guys might be cold so having some peppers in your life is going to warm you up a little bit You know if you’re not too daring, you might want to start out with half a pepper, or a quarter of a pepper and definitely use on of the ones that are not quite as hot, so jalapeños are going to be one of the ones that aren’t quite as hot as one of the ones I used; I think it’s on the level of a Serrano and unless you’re like really into hot peppers, don’t use a habanero cause that one you’re going to be like overheated But, other than that this has a really nice flavor

I mean to me this tastes really neutral, I mean you taste the vegetables in there but it’s not like –I made some juices where I actually had to plug my nose and chug it down, but basically I formulated this recipe you know with a lot of nice watery ingredients the apples, the celery, and the cucumber But, also with a lot of rich phytonutrient ingredients as well, you know the carrots actually have a nice sweet flavor, even if you juice them on their own But, I think it’s better to juice them all together like this, to get their synergistic effects When juicing with the things like the fat and the turmeric, for the high antioxidant potential of those foods So, finally I want to let you guys know, while juicing is no magical cure to lose weight, it is and should be part of a healthy diet that is focused around plants

Even if you’re not going to go vegan or whatever, I don’t really care, -what I do want- what I do care about is that you guys includ more fresh fruits and vegetables in your life, because you will achieve the benefits from that You know, I want to know, use my juice recipe, use it for 10 days and leave comments down below to let me know how my juice recipe worked for you I formulated this not only for people to lose weight, but for people to maximize their amounts of phytonutrients and phytochemicals they get in them with some of the healthiest foods on the planet And this is what I drink and this is why I’m drinking this juice for you guys today, and I’m confident it can help you, like its helped me and I look forward to reading all your testimonials down below That being said as much as this juice is really healthy, I do also encourage you guys to drink other juices and come up with your own recipes so that you guys can get a myriad and a full wide spectrum of fruits and vegetables in your diet, because each one –as much as the cabbage has certain phytonutrients, every different fruit and vegetable have a different spectrum of these different phytonutrients and phytochemicals that are going to help your body fight disease, fight inflammation, fight disease, and more importantly lose weight

Of course you also get things like having more energy because juice is one of the easiest things to digest and after going through Christmas recently and eating those big Christmas meals and getting tired after your done eating because all the food that you just ate, now your body has to use a lot of energy to digest it Juice is the easiest thing, so my recommendation for drinking juice is to basically wake up in the morning and make your juice straight off and just skip breakfast You don’t need breakfast, drink you fresh juice and drink a nice quantity of juice You know, I didn’t make just 16 ounces, I made 6 cups of juice Minimum I like to drink 32 ounces, maximum if I’m getting around 6-7 cups, this is like basically a meal replacement and this is one of the best meal replacements you guys could ever get into you, because its full of phytonutrients and phytochemicals, high in water content which is also going to keep you hydrated which is also very important for weight loss

But, more importantly its low in calories compared to other foods that you would be eating So anyways with that if you guys enjoyed this episode, enjoyed this format, hey please be sure to give me a thumbs up to let me know That’ll encourage me to do more videos like this, where I share my special recipes with you guys Also be sure to share this video with somebody that you’re trying to help them lose weight Maybe you get a buddy system and you guys both could get a juicer and start making these juices and keep tabs on each other and make sure you stay up to date and continue to juice each and every day

I think this video can help so many people in so many ways, if it is watched more and shared more Also be sure to click that subscribe button right down below, so you don’t miss out on any of my new and upcoming episodes, I have coming out about every 5-7 days You never know what kind of juice recipe I’ll be sharing with you guys or what kind of juicer demonstration, or juicer comparison I’ll be sharing with you guys, because I’m all about sharing with you guys the latest and greatest technology and kitchen appliances that’ll allow you to get the healthiest on the planet into you, the fruits and the vegetables Also be sure to check my past episodes, my past episodes are a wealth of knowledge, over 450 videos on this YouTube channel, dedicated to teaching you guys all about eating more fruits and vegetables, testing different juicers, blenders and dehydrators, so you guys can get the right juicer for you Also I encourage you guys if you guys enjoyed this episode and liked me and my work, please support me and my work by making your purchase at ‘DiscountJuicers

com’ this allows me to continue to make these educational videos for you guys to share with you guys simply what I’ve learned over the last 20+ years of eating a healthy diet as well as incorporating juicing into my life So, with that my name is John Kohler with ‘DiscountJuicerscom’, be sure to visit ‘DiscountJuicercom/youtube’ for some special promotional offers for YouTube visitors


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