Barbacoa BURRITO BOWL with Mealthy MultiPot – Pressure Cooker Recipe

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Welcome back A simple and delicious dinner I work with Mealthy to make dishes Barbacoa Barbecue Burrito Add 1 tablespoonful of water Very delicious If you like this dish, please like vid and click tracking below Let's start together This dish will be super simple Because I have this versatile Mealthy pot This type is the latest type It is better than instant pot (smart pressure cooker) It comes with all the tools and accessories for $ 99 With instant pot, you have to buy more It also includes a cooking report Instant pot is about $ 150 So this is a bargain What I like very much Of this kind is it has its own choices There are buttons here For example, you choose the "egg" More baking functions that instant pot does not have I will use the machine to cook this Will cook beef along with rice in the same pot It will be a double job Great! First sprinkle a small amount of salt on the meat I have some sea salt here On the other hand Sprinkle salt again I used about 1 teaspoon of salt Rub it out I use pieces of beef Each piece is about 2 inches This size will ripen faster With this pot The most "fried" Let it warm up Then sprinkle some oil I put 3 to 4 pieces at a time Because I do not want too much If too much will be steamed instead of fried This piece of beef is golden fire burned will be very delicious Now I will fry gold on every side I'll take them now and fry the rest So the meat was fried gold outside Put everything back in the pot and add 1 cup of water For tasting, I will give up 1/2 cut onion 4 minced garlic cloves 1 tablespoon cumin powder 2-3 chopped chips in adobo sauce You can add more or less depending on the level of spicy food 1 leaf lemon + 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin powder 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves If found, use oregano leaves of Mexico 1/2 cup cinnamon powder juice extracted from a lemon Now mix it up Now all herbs And spices have been blended in this I said I would use this pot "1 work two", followed by brown rice I will do 'lemon coriander' I will put aside Now in the bowl in the pot Remove 1 cup of brown rice I like to use short rice

Let me say fast The rice is clean and I will leave now 1 cup of water and the juice of one lemon half I will put this bowl into the pot right on the meat Do not worry we will leave after the cooked rice Take the lid Tighten Press the "pressure cook" button Remember to stay warm Then set the time in 30p Remember to bring the valve up before cooking I know that thinking about the pressure cooker was afraid with hisses, But I want to say that this pot has gone through Strict checks to ensure it's 100% safe I like it because it saves cooking time items like beef barbacoa It costs about 35-40p When cooking with pressure From the start, I have rice and beef in the same pot Great I can spend time with Erisy instead hanging around the pot This cooker comes with all this accessories Steamed basket Leg brace glove My favorite is This silicon ring

It was covered in color Suppose you are making a salty dish like this barbacoa If you want to be yogurt or cheesecake There will be no odor or spread the smell of garlic or pungent something that can turn your cheesecake Not the smell of fish but the smell of salty should not be in sweet I also like the notes clearly the instructions for you For example, want to make rice Guided and the amount of water needed this face again They also have customer support services If you have any questions You can call or email them here Ok, the pot is now cooked Just finished, now I will back up a little Then turn the valve to escape the steam Opening the lid is safe when you see it red button flew down Open it Look at this rice, cooked perfectly Just look at it I will put it aside Take the bowl of rice and cilantro Watching this beef, can not wait to eat Look at the finished product of "1 work 2" Glad to see this delicious rice product Now clean the bowl bottom Spoon 2 tablespoons finely chopped cilantro Use the rice to scoop up The rice is very delicious, soft Then lemon cilantro It's time to prepare the rice! now with this bowl first put rice on 1 little black beans and corn and beef barbacoa I will tear directly on the fork It is very soft, very easy to tear like butter The smell is very fragrant Take a little self-made pico Includes tomatoes, onions, coriander and lemon Of course burrito is indispensable butter I used half the butter I put some beef sauce on top Make it delicious and spicy This dish is very attractive It takes less than an hour to complete it Try it Meat is so tender and soft This pot reduces the time But the result is the same as cooking on the pot down about 1/3 of the time You have to try it Very convenient to prepare food You can buy more lids Like this type of silicon or glass The silicon is suitable for storage when food is cold I just put it in and put it in the fridge till tomorrow Let me know what you think about this dish I want to know what you like to eat with it Be sure to check out information about Mealthy products I have to link under the information This will be a great gift for Mother's Day They also have an app that includes a list of 30 suggested meals Thanks for watching see you next time Bye – Sub by HNAT-


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