BAKING | Banana Bread: easy & quick recipe!

Hi guys, how's it going? It has been a really long time since I last uploaded a video I've been wanting to but haven't had much time lately, mostly because of my job and marathon training Oh, and I also got married, but today is a Sunday and I have some free time So I thought why not I'll just make something and it turns out I have all the ingredients here to make banana bread, so banana bread it is Okay, as usual, I can start by showing you the ingredients

By the way, someone recently asked me how to make banana bread, but I forgot who it was So hey, this is for you, too! We have 2 cups of flour (you can substitute with whole wheat flour if you want) 1/3 of a cup of honey 4 tablespoons of butter 2 teaspoons of baking powder some chocolate chips 3 eggs and 5 ripe bananas here is some vanilla extract and here is some milk, which we might not need depending on how wet or dry the dough is So let's start by mushing the bananas and then mixing everything First step is banana-mushing You can do this with a fork or with a potato

squisher? Potato press? I don't know how you call that in English but a fork works just fine Okay, the bananas have been mushed Now we can just add the wet ingredients and then the dry ingredients

Now we can add some vanilla extract, I usually do one or two little caps So one and two Then we have the butter, which I melted before but now it's solid again Okay, now I can add the dry ingredients, so the two cups of flour and baking powder Okay, as I expected, the dough – is this still called dough if it's liquid? – whatever this is, is a bit dry so we're just gonna add a tiny bit of milk

Okay, so this should be the consistency I hope you can see Now we can just add the chocolate chips Okay, so now we're ready to put it into a pan and bake it Just one last thing – I feel like I say this in most of my cooking videos – But if you like your sweets really sweet add an extra 1/4 of a cup of sugar, that should do the trick I am not a big sweets person so I like my breads and pies and whatever to be not that sweet but everybody's different So let me just grab my pan here it is If you don't have parchment paper just use some butter to coat the inside of the pan, if you have parchment paper I cut mine to fit exactly my pan so I don't have to worry about it and that's also easier to take out the bread once you're done baking it

Okay, I poured everything in the pan Here it is, and I'm going to bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes to an hour, I'm not quite sure yet I guess just keep watching and you'll figure it out! Hey guys, I'm back 50 minutes have passed This looks pretty good, it looks like it's cooked through

So now let's just give it a try It came out good The only thing, as I was saying earlier, is that this is not very sweets, just because I do not like super sweet sweets but if you do add extra sugar, I'm sure it's going to be perfect Okay, I guess this is all for today I hope you guys enjoy the video

Let me know if you try the recipe I will try to shoot more cooking videos, even though my schedule is a bit crazy, and I definitely want to go back and reshoot all of the recipes that I've shot already Hopefully there will be less cringe-worthy

I was watching them the other day and I was like, uh Anyway, um, I definitely want to redo the lasagne, the gnocchi video, and a few more So yeah, I'll see you next time, as always, feel free to subscribe, leave a like, comment and see you next video Bye!


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