Asian Thai Rib Tacos | Week 1 #TacoTuesday Cookbook Recipe!

– Guys, welcome to the Taco Tuesday series where I'm gonna cook my way through my Taco Tuesday Cookbook And today I'm making my favorite recipe, the Asian Thai Rib tacos

If you're the type of person that loves tacos, and I hope you do, this is one video series you're not going to want to miss So make sure to click on that red subscribe button right below this video, so we can cook a new taco recipe every single Tuesday And once you try this recipe, I guarantee that you'll forever change the way you think about tacos (upbeat, melodic music) (bouncy, playful music) Welcome back to a killer recipe for Asian Thai Rib tacos from the Taco Tuesday Cookbook Again, in this series I'm going to cook my way through every taco inside of my cookbook

If you need a copy, grab it from the description box below this video, so you can make sure to follow along and have the recipes every single week And believe me, you're going to want to own a copy if not for anything, but for this recipe alone! (beeping) There are things that one should not say out loud about their tacos, and this is it, all right (beeping) As much as I love the traditional taco ingredients like sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, and when I say love, I mean that I keep two containers of each in my fridge as all times I have to say, this slow cooker Thai Rib recipe has changed my feelings towards tacos It's also the recipe that inspired me to keep coming up with creative recipes for the new cookbook, and to think outside of traditional taco seasoning flavors

Which is why the Taco Tuesday Cookbook has a fresh and fabulous taco recipe for every week of the year There are a number of reasons this is my favorite recipe, and also the very first in the taco schedule It's all those incredible Thai flavors, cooked slowly, wrapped in a warm tortilla that tastes like a million bucks B, since it's made in a slow cooker, it's a super easy recipe And C, I want you to start out your Taco Tuesday journey with a bang, and this recipe is it

I'm first going to cut this rack of baby ribs into three or four sections and place them inside the slow cooker dish If you can't find these, a substitute would be bone-in county ribs Bone-in meat is going to give this recipe a tenderness and juiciness that's to die for Next we are gonna make a sweet Thai sauce that we'll cook along with the ribs And oh man, let me tell you that this sauce is the bomb! As it cooks it coats the ribs, creating the perfect glaze

I start with combining some soy sauce, sriracha, brown sugar, rice vinegar, honey, sesame oil, fresh ginger, and of course, garlic We give it a good whisk and pour it over the ribs All we have to do now is cover it and cook on high for about five hours, or low for eight So once the meat starts to separate from the bones, you know it's almost taco time So let's transfer these ribs onto a cutting board and with two forks I'm gonna shred the meat, making sure to remove and discard the bones

(beeping) This recipe makes me so happy You gotta lick your chops with this one Look at it (gasps) (beeping) I'm going to leave a lot of large chunks because then I'm gonna put the rib meat back into the slow cooker and mix it with the sauce We give the meat a quick stir to mix with the sauce

Mm, and the sauce! Man, you're gonna want to do things to it, it's so good! I like to warm my tortillas by toasting them on a skillet or a pan It makes them more pliable and that hugs the ingredients so much better 'Cause you want them to have that crispy brown, 'cause they just taste so much better Let's get this taco party started by creating a bed of shredded cabbage on top of this tortilla This gives it a great crunch we all love

Then I'm gonna top it with some rib meat, a drizzle, or more, of the sauce for good measure, and some green scallions or green onions over the top This recipe is all about spice and textures, so if you like spicy, you can just add a little more sriracha and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, purely for decoration, if you have them around Holy smokes! Okay, week one of our Taco Tuesday series is off to an incredible start with these Asian Thai Rib tacos, because they're off the hook The meat is falling-apart tender, it's coated with that sweet, savory, spicy Thai sauce, and that fresh crunch from the cabbage Hang on

Although this is my favorite taco recipe in the entire book, there are still 51 incredible Taco Tuesdays that we are gonna eat our way through So, check the description box right below this video to find another recipe and grab a copy of the Taco Tuesday Cookbook, because a new video comes out every single Tuesday See you next time (beeping) How was that? – [Director] Of course it was great – All right, 'cause I'm having a taco moment

I'm like, oh my God! (beeping) (bouncy, festive music)


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