All in one Pot – Day 3

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Today we are going to make a full meal in the thermal cooker In the large 7- liter pot add enough potatoes for your family I usually use five or six For this recipe you'll also need an oven bag for preparing your meat You can choose any kind of meat

Today I used pork Add seasoning to this bag We are going to have lemon pork, And so I added lemon pepper seasoning and butter Mix in the seasoning from the outside of the bag until this evenly distributed Shape the bag to fit nicely over the potatoes

Make sure that it will fit flat over the top Add water to cover the meat in the oven bag leaving enough space for your upper pot In the upper 25 liter pot add your vegetable Today we're going to have fresh green beans

I've put a little bit of water and placed them on the stove Cover with the lid, this will help them boil faster Secure the oven bag with the handle so that the water does not get into the meat Also be attentive, make sure that the oven bag does not get near the flame Once the water in your pots have come to a boil, carefully place the pot of green beans into the large pot

Cover with a lid and place everything into the outer unit Make sure that the oven bag is inside of the outer unit When you're ready to eat open the outer unit Carefully take out the top pot of beans and the bag of meat Place them to the side

Strain the water off of the potatoes in the big pot Place the pot of beans back over the potato and set aside This will help dry out the potatoes by evaporating out the excess water Add ultra gel or other instant thickener to the meat inside of the bag Work from the outside of the bag to create a gravy

For the beans I added a little bit of butter, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper for flavor There you have it a full meal; meat, potatoes, gravy and vegetable All prepared in advance and all in one pot


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