A: Personally I am paranoid when it comes to this kind of

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wholesale nfl jerseys Guard Lindsay Whalen scored 14 and forward Maya Moore chipped in 13.Agler appeared drained after the loss but said this is what he expected in a series between teams that produced a five game thriller in the Finals last season that included two last second shots.”I wish we could have hung around a little bit closer” early on, Agler said, adding that he expected “every game to be like this.”Two time WNBA MVP Candace Parker didn’t score a point or grab a rebound in the first half, and at times it appeared a lid covered the hoop when Ogwumike, last season’s MVP, took a shot. She finished three of 13 from the field.”I can’t say it happens, because it shouldn’t,” Parker said about her inability to score or rebound in the first half. “If we could take a couple of those possessions back and we could be told at the end of the game it’ll be a two point game, I know I would do a lot of things differently.”And in the Finals, you can’t have that.”Parker tweaked her ankle after warmups and walked off the court with a limp but said later, with her ankle packed in ice, that it didn’t affect her performance. wholesale nfl jerseys

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