7 Healthy Clean Eating Slow Cooker Easy Recipes

Seven clean eating slow cooker recipes that let you enjoy all the fall comfort foods you want when it comes to kitchen appliances I rarely use my slow cooker ranks right up there with the sandwich press popcorn maker and electric can opener it's just so clunky and far too ugly to earn a counter top spot next to my juicer and blender plus most of what I've used it for in the past have been heavy cheesy meals that mask the flavor of the organic ingredients I spend serious bucks on it the farmers market which is why it a remains to stashed in the far reaches of my pantry only to be pulled out and dusted off once maybe twice a year and are these slow cooker dinners that are as healthy as they are tasty with cleaning gradients read no refined sugar flower or super processed components and easy instructions it seems my stack of takeout menus is about to collect the dust vegetable curry with tofu for most of us a craving for curry means calling the Indian Restaurants for reservations or take out who's got time to create this authentic flavor filled niall at home but thanks to the registered dietitian and whole foods in busiest behind the blood, a city and get it , this simple slow cooker curry will make you feel like you candy I why flank steak for GE to as taco night is about to get a healthy makeover thanks to Lisa Leake New York Times best-selling author and the brains behind the block 100 days of real food this recipe calls for simple spices like coriander and Kume and which will have you wondering why you ever cheated with those pre package taco spice packets ginger cranberry pork roast when the blocker behind momma and baby love finds a little spare time she puts five simple ingredients 3 pounds pork roast two cans whole cranberry Zev 1 cup peeled and sliced to injure have 2 tablespoon sugar and 2 tablespoons arrow route flower into a 1 gallon zipped up bag then she labels it pops it in the freezer and umps the frozen contents of the bag along with 1 cup filtered water into our slow cooker on the day she wants a devilish dinner can use a healthy meal planning made easy skinny chicken enchiladas if enchiladas are one of those Mexican dishes that seem far too complicated to attempt at home take heart these are chicken meat salsa meets corn meets pins meets slow cooker says the blocker behind the site pinch of Yum then roll it up in a corn tortilla and top it with melted cheese avocado Kramer and more coat T to garlic collar flower mashed potatoes from pizza crust and mashed potatoes cauliflower is having a moment in the clean eating world to get in on turning the super VGA into a healthy comfort card try this recipe from 365 days of slow cooking you'll never again look in a bowl of mashed potatoes with the same kind of loss to usually do Turkey white been pumpkin chili there's nothing quite like putting a pot of chili on the stove when the weather turns and the winter sweaters come out of storage yet for most of us spending the time prepping and cooking chili means it's a Saturday afternoon of fair this slow cooker recipe from skinny taste is so easy Chile is about to make an appearance on the menu during your busiest workweeks spinach and mas rela fright at a breakfast for dinner is easy and fun and typically means something simple like scrambled eggs or a simple stack of pancakes behold the slow cooker frittata by skinning this which involves a lot less fuss than traditional free dot is without sacrificing any taste


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