hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome if you're new don't forget to subscribe if you are new and don't forget to follow on Instagram as well I post lots of healthy recipes tips tricks and all that jazz so let's start off by making some coconut clusters now I love buying these from I think it's called hippie snacks but I thought that they had so few ingredients I should try to make my own so I'm using some coconut flakes which are high in phosphorus and iron as well as some pumpkin seeds which are rich in zinc they have some protein magnesium manganese chia seeds which are rich in omega threes and six as well as some hemp seeds which have tons of essential fatty acids like Omega six and three as well as some maple syrup which is a really great immune booster and antioxidant it also helps to bind all of this together I love that these are grain free and like you literally see only like a few ingredients you can change up the seeds you want as well if that works for you I'm putting this on a silicone of baking sheets and guys I'm obsessed with these silicone baking mats that I got off Amazon they're so useful not sponsored but they are linked down below so I put like a spoonful of them in kind of like a little mountain pile now don't worry they won't held together right now they hold together after we bake them so don't worry that they're literally just like in a pile and you can't get them to form we're gonna bake them for 10 minutes at 350 degrees and then they come out looking like this they're a little bit brown or they're toasted make sure you let them cool so that they can kind of Harden and stick together in those clusters but they're so tasty to have on a snack or even to like crumble on top of some coconut yogurt or things like that but they're really yummy and they don't have at that much sugar as you can see the whole batch we didn't even use it that much plus there so next up I'm making some stovetop apples apples are great because they're high in fiber they help you eyesight and they facilitate digestion I'm using a Honey Crisp apple because that's my favorite type of apple what is your favorite type of apple I want to know down below I used to love Granny Smith when I was little but I'm definitely like converted the whole Honey Crisp a game which is hilarious is like they're the most expensive Apple by far which is super frustrating but they taste really good so chop that up into small pieces and then I'm putting that into a little like saucepan it's a cold sauce pan frying pan adding a little bit of vanilla which has tons of antioxidants in it and gives it some great flavor some cinnamon which helps balance your blood sugar especially with fruit fruit does have sugar in it even though it's natural so this helps kind of also balance that and a little bit of coconut oil also to study like the sugar release from the apples and cuz it's a great medium train that triglyceride it helps you burn fat it's amazing you just cook them over the stovetop for about five minutes but they get so delicious house smells like apple pie and they're so yummy but they've got cinnamon and coconut oil delicious and great for like more wintery weather I think it would also be really good to do these with pears as well I'm definitely gonna try this out with pears next up I'm making some no-bake Blondie's which are kind of like my version of a quest bar I guess you can say I'm using some almond butter you can use any kind of nut or seed butter so if you're allergic to nuts I would use a sunflower seed butter I'm gonna use some coconut flour which is great because it's high in fiber and protein and it's also green free which I love and it adds a little bit of healthy fats you can try to use another flower but I don't know cut for a cup if it will translate because coconut flour is very absorptive compared to other ones I met I'm using some powder – peanut butter if you don't have this or don't want to use this you can just use the same amount of flour but I like adding this because it adds like protein to it for sweetness we are gonna be using some banana that I just blend it up you can mash it if you want but I find blending works best so you don't get like chunks of banana in your Blondie's because we're not baking them at all and bananas are great they're rich in potassium I feel like everyone knows that but they're also great for your blood pressure a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness and some vanilla as you can see I didn't add that much sugar at all cuz I really want to keep them low sugar and then I'm just using of course my Star Wars a spatula if you guys see any like fine utensils you think I should get make sure you let me know I'm adding in three tablespoons about I kind of eyeballed it of these mini chocolate chips and I like the ones from enjoy life they're dairy-free soy-free free not free they're free of all like the bad crappy stuff and then I'm pushing it that down into a pan but because my memory card just decided stop working and my camera shut up you didn't see that part but we press it down to a pan and we set it in the fridge for 15 minutes and then you just cut it into bars like this you can wrap them up individually cut them into pieces whatever you like they're so delicious and so easy to make next up we're making some green free vegan cheez-its yep so I'm using some almond flour you guys know I love almond flour as well as some nutritional yeast which is high in b12 it improves your digestion and it's also rich in theanine which is good for weight loss some Himalayan salt which has 84 essential minerals in it and balances your pH and then we're going to mix up the dry ingredients just because this will be easier once we add the wet and I like was so excited to find like a cheese it's a recipe that I could make that was like instead of cheese it's it's really good I'm adding in an egg I don't know the flat edge would work here but you can try and let me know if it does mixing that up and then I'm adding in some coconut oil which is great that's gonna add a little bit more of a healthy fat to it as well and it also helps bind the batter so stir that up and then you'll get like a thick dough mixture I'm rolling that out until it's like an eighth of an inch thick and then I'm gonna cut the size down just to make a rectangle so we can make pretty little squares just get rid of the size and cut down the center until you get little square type triangles I'm not trying to go just squares but you can do whatever kind of shapes you want lay those on a mat and then we're going to be baking them and they turned out so good they've got the cheesiness for nutritional yeast there's no actual cheese in them they're perfect cuz they're grain free and if you want that crunch like I do they're amazing for like a little snack plus they're made with almond flour so you're getting all the benefits of that as well and lastly we're making cauliflower hummus which is exactly what it sounds like it's hummus made of cauliflower I've been kind of like steering a bit clear of chickpeas lately um but first yeah we're using some cauliflower we're gonna roast that cauliflower is great because it fights inflammation and balances your hormones some olive oil great healthy fat Lemmon alkalizing rich in vitamin C it's gonna lower your blood pressure I know is garlic also an antifungal I'm antimicrobial antibacterial great for immune system as well as some tahini which is rich in vitamin E protein and it decreases your blood pressure and again a little dash of Himalayan salt so this is great if your avoid avoiding lectins or you find like chickpeas bloat you you literally just blend this up it's so fluffy it's delicious it's so flavorful you can have it with carrot or grain-free pita or whatever you like but you honestly don't taste a difference you can put it in sandwiches and wraps I'm in love with this cauliflower hummus guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and make sure you follow me on Instagram so you don't miss anything and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


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