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Subscribe to my channel and Press the Bell Icon for all the latest updates Namaste! Welcome to Cooking With Shalini Today we will make 5 different kinds of tifin box for kids We will make our 1st tifin Rainbow Sandwich INGREDIENTS MENTIONED ABOVE So lets start making Take 1 cup of Spinach Paste, 1 cup Beetroot Paste and 1 cup of Mashed Potatoes these 3 Ingredients are healthy for small kids we will twist these 3 in a way so your kid will like to have take 1st cup of Spinach Paste and add 1 spoon of Mayonnaise Add 1 spoon Mint Chutney you can check out mint chutney link given under description box add 1/3rd spoon of salt add 1/3rd spoon black pepper and mix it well if you wish to add more mayonnaise you can add 1 spoon more our 1st sauce is ready Now take 2nd beetroot paste add 1spoon of Mayonnaise add 1 – 2 spoon tomato ketchup add a pinch of salt and black pepper mix it well Now we will make 3rd batter of mashed potatoes add 1 spoon of mayonnaise add 1/3rd spoon of salt add 1 spoon mustard sauce a pinch of black pepper mix it well Spread all the 3 sauces as shown Take 6 slices of Bread and add all the sauces as shown Now make a pairstart with red sauce breadthen in middle mashed potatoes and 3rd mint sauce after this add single piece of bread on top to cover all Cut the Bread sides if you want to Cut it from center and now it is ready to go in tifin box kids will love to see this colorful sandwich and this sandwich is healthy too kids tiffin box is ready to go into their bagsdo make it with my recipeyou will surely love it Lets start making our 2nd Tiffin box now now we will be making healthy Paratha INGREDIENTS MENTIONED ABOVE Lets start making it now Take a bowl and add 1/3rd cup of Gram Flour add more than 1/3rd cup of wheat flour add 1 spoon finely chopped onions add 2 spoons of grated carrot add 3-4 spoons of spinach add 1/3rd spoon red chili powder add 1/3rd spoon dry coriander add more than 1/3rd spoon of salt mix it well Now we will make dough dough should not be so soft and not so hard dough should be medium add water step by step try to add water with help of spoon as you can see our dough doesn't require much waterso we will be adding little amount of water with help of spoon dough is ready add little bit of oil from top Dough is ready nowwe will keep it aside for 10 minutes dough is ready after 10 minutes sprinkle wheat flour from top and give it a good mix lets start making paratha make a roll spread some wheat flour on all sides of dough roll Now give it a paratha shape and spread oil

as shown you can see we shifted paratha on tawa color is slightly changed turn the side flame should be on high sprinkle little bit of oil on top you can also sprinkle clarified butter on top Our Paratha is ready you can use a shape mold to give different shapes to Paratha you can give them shape before keeping on tawa your kids will love the shapes and they will eat them happily Kids tiffin box is ready now your kids will definitely love the shapes and will eat healthy food as well Do make this paratha with my recipe and your kids will come back home happily with empty tiffin Now we will make our 3rd tiffin box Lets Start making Macaroni now we will make quick and tasty macaroni INGREDIENTS MENTIONED ABOVE Take a pan Switch on the flame add 2 big spoon of refined oil Now add 1 big spoon chopped onion add 1 – 2 spoon of chopped capsicum add 1 spoon of chopped carrot mix them well saute these 3 ingredients for 1 minute only now add boiled macaroni mix it well kids don't like spicy food so we will add only 1 type of spice in this you can add black pepper or chilli flakes i will add 1/3rd spoon chili flakes in it oregano 1/3rd spoon mix it well add 1/3rd spoon salt mix it well add 1 spoon mayonnaise give it a good mix we will not make it so heavy as this is for small kids another tiffin box is ready for kids Do give this Macaroni to your kids in tiffin and your kids will just love it Now we will make one more tiffin recipe Now we will make Semolina toast INGREDIENTS USED ARE lets start making it now Take half cup semolina and shift it in a bowl add 4-5 spoons of curd soak this semolina and curd for 10 – 15 minutes when you wake up in morning add half spoon of salt 1 spoon of capsicum 1 spoon grated carrot 1 spoon of chopped onions 1/3rd spoon oregano 1/3rd spoon chilli flakes or black pepper mix it well add little bit of water in it and give a good mix so that no lumps are found in our batter batter should not be so thin and not so thick keep it aside for 10 – 15 minutes you can see our batter is ready after 10 minutes our batter is thick now add little bit of more water in it mix it well consistency should not be so thin and not so thick Now take a slice of bread and spread your batter on it on all sides of bread we will add this batter on one side of bread only Now keep your tawa on high flame and add 1 spoon of refined oiland then put your bread slice

as shown now turn the side you can see good golden brown colordo this from both sides cut it from the center semolina toast are ready to go inside kids tiffindo make this with my recipe your kids will enjoy this Now we will make our last tiffin box we will make Bread rolls for them INGREDIENTS MENTIONED ABOVE Take a pan now add 2 spoons of refined oil you can also add chopped gingerbut as we are making this for kids and kids don't like ginger so we will skip it add half spoon of cumin half spoon of dry coriander 2 boiled chopped potatoes add 2 inch cubes of Cottage Cheese add salt as per your taste Red chilli as per your taste half spoon of Mango powder mix it well low the flame mash them with masher take 4 bread slices dip half bread in water and squeeze it now add your batter and make rolls you can see bread rolls are ready we will now fry them their is no need to cut sides of breadas after frying your kids will not have any problem with sides you can see good golden brown color change the side Bread rolls are ready to go in tiffin box now your kids will be very happy today we should also give them fried tooas they are kids and they should eat everything we have given these bread rolls with sponge cake you can see sponge cake recipe link in description box if you want to do make these bread rolls for your kidsthey will be super happy and if you like all my tiffin box recipesthen do share, like and comment and don't forget to subscribe my channel for more new recipes

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