Hello family, how are you? I hope that very good! Today I have a very special guest in the kitchen! Josh of the Brothers Green Eats! Josh: Let's make Thai food Who you are? What are you doing here?? Hahaha I have a cooking channel "Brothers Green" And we focused on inspiring people to get into more in the kitchen To overcome their fears because they can cook amazing things without much experience Friends, they make super awesome food We already made a video in New York and it's here on my channel Below I'm going to leave the link In case you want to see it Josh: The thing with these recipes is that they use a lot of different ingredients But they can be exchanged for other things It's not about making the exact recipe but understanding how it is prepared So that they learn something new and they can prepare something delicious like Tom Kha that is coconut soup Like a coconut tea because it has a lot of odorous herbs

It is a wonder Yovana: Really !? Of the most comforting meals! Also green curry If we have time we can make a papaya salad But let's see Yovana: This thing This is for the papaya salad specifically It's like a lighter, poc, poc This is coconut cream, more or less a cup It's what I like about Thai food and food in general There are places you go and they say it's "authentic food" But what does "authentic" mean? Does that mean your grandma did it? Yovana: It's true Or that they did it where you live

Yovana: Now you're putting the green curry paste, right? You can make your own pasta, but it's one of those things that take a lot of time I jump that step Add a good amount, then you can put more milk or more curry Josh, I have a question Are you a vegan? I'm not a vegan "TRAITOR" And we can enjoy it together Yovana: Aww, how soft! This is boiling, this I just put it to boil And then I add sweet potatoes and mushrooms And any vegetable that craves, the truth You have to stir it Also red pepper How nice!! You put water This is like a stew, then you need liquid Until it covers the vegetables And let it boil a little while And if you want an extra touch you can put other things How are these kaffir lemon tree leaves And they smell I like to break them up a bit and add them This step is optional but I like to put lemon grass Yovana: The lemon grass smells very rich Do not eat it when you serve the curry In my opinion it's about using curry paste as a base You can just use the curry paste and it tastes good But if you add all this, it will have more flavor Cook with your nose! I love it when people do that Your nose knows Yovana: Your nose does know And that's all

In Thai cuisine But always at the end So basically we just left this cooking Nothing else let it cook It is simple Tom Kha There are two types of "Tom" soups Tom Kha carries coconut and Tom Yam does not carry This is going to be the one that carries coconut Again cream or coconut milk

Water You can put a little or a lot It depends on how you want it When it starts to boil it is ready We put shallots Little ground ginger And this is an extra bonus if you do not find it, it does not matter It's galanga Yovana: it's the first time I see this It's a root, you can buy it with that name if you want It is very intense if you eat it that way alone Better just try a little bit Yovana: I feel like I bit a soap or something Now I'm going to put coconut sugar You can also put regular sugar, brown sugar You can find many of these ingredients in Asian markets They can be in the frozen section They are not hard to find

Sometimes you find them dehydrated But if you do not find nothing happens, just mix flavors that you like with coconut milk I'm going to take the lemon grass And I hit her with the knife to open it It is not eaten, but we put it in the soup just to flavor Yovana: What is that? You can put regular salt This is mushroom salt Let's add some tofu Some beautiful pieces Oh, and we can not forget the tomatoes And we can not forget one of the most important parts of Thai food Yovana: Oh yes! What kind of peppers are those? This is a Thai chili, but it is very difficult to get You can use any long chili that is very spicy Thai food is about balance You have sweet, salty, sour, bitter

And different textures And when you try a saucer the sensations come to you at once That is what makes me awesome Wow This smells very rich For the next dish we take a papaya cut in julienne I thought that was cucumber when I saw it I was excited, before the papaya we had to make the dressing

The dressing is put there first If you can not find this tamarind juice, you can do it by soaking the tamarind in water You really do not need to do this, but I like how it looks Squeeze the lemon and leave it there You put a little tomato I'm going to put a little palm sugar And grind it a little to release the flavors Many people who cook with garlic nothing else itches I do not like to chop the garlic because then my hands smell like garlic I'm just going to put the garlic clove like that I add a little mushroom salt And some peanuts I mix everything And then now the papaya Very simple Yovana: And this is all? That's it You mix it a little bit

I do not want people to be afraid to cook Or that they worry because they do not have all the ingredients For me cooking is not about doing something "precise" It's about getting into the kitchen and trying new things Take risks and have fun Yovana: Sure We're going to try it It's very good The fun of Thai food is that they do not care You can put that lemon there full and nothing happens How is this going? Looks good I think it is ready You have to be careful not to boil it over You can change the flavors a bit or you can

You add cilantro and remove it from the heat Many Mexican recipes carry cilantro and lemon And Thai recipes have almost the same Lemon and do you want to try it? Yovana: yes I want to try it I had never tried something like that! We can serve it or we can let it settle for a little while I also have these rice videos here Yovana: Are we going to put that on? Josh: Yes, those go in the background Yovana: Ok, we're ready to serve When they serve the soup they can add the lemon grass or the galanga but do not eat them This is when we add the sour part And the cilantro Yovana: Look at this Mmmmm, over the noodles Everything looks delicious Curry we also put lemon And cilantro Yovana: I already try it? Josh: Yes That's the green curry Yovana: Benefit! This deliciooooso! Wow You already tried it but now you have to mix it It depends on what you're cooking, you can cook the cilantro

But it is good to add it at the end to give more freshness I like the food that makes me feel very zen, very relaxed It is exactly what this is That is a raw salad If you do not have green papaya you can use striped carrots It's delicious Thanks for the invitation Thank you very much! Thanks Josh By coming to my channel and showing us these delicious recipes Friends, you definitely have to visit your channel Subscribe, and watch the video we made together on your channel Josh: Yes We made Mexican recipes Some incredible recipes The soup and that thing with mushrooms Yovana: Tinga! Tinga! Hmm, I have a question What is your goal when you make these videos? What is your goal or your mission? Inspire people That they realize they can do things that maybe they thought they could not Because I did not know anything about music before and nothing about cooking some of my girlfriends spit out the food they prepared

I needed someone to give me a pat on the back tell me "Hey, Josh everything will be fine" "Just keep trying" That's what I want to be for others Inspire them to live an incredible life using food and music Well thank you very much And subscribe if you have not subscribed! I'm going to leave all the links below To the channel of Josh and the Brothers Green Eats Everything is in the description of the video And see you in the next video, ok? I love you family!!


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