11 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver and LOSE WEIGHT – Saturday Strategy

Can I be honest with you? I used to destroy my liver I used to party on the weekends, a lot

But since I adopted a healthy FitLife lifestyle, I don’t party like that anymore I’m too busy getting high on the juice! Juice, baby! I’m sure you’ve heard about all of these cleanses you can do And we all know that juice cleanses are part of the FitLife philosophy, right? But do you know why people cleanse aside from the potential physical benefits? Liver detoxification And why is that so important? Now, let’s take a look at it The liver is the second largest, dose-largest organ in the body after the skin

It sits, right here, on right side of the belly It’s about the size of a football, and it weighs roughly three pounds Here’s where it gets interesting though, so pay attention It performs over five hundred functions and two hundred of those happen in your body simultaneously, every single day, without you even knowing about it The human body is a miracle machine

Everything you breathe, everything you swallow, goes through your liver, into your bloodstream, stimulates that mitochondria on the cell level Everything Everything it does up in this thing, thing You know what I’m talking about The liver works with other systems in the body, to digest, absorb anda process food

What happens when the liver gets overtaxed? Well, there are many factors which can slow down the liver’s ability to function at its best Eating a diet that’s high in fat, alcohol, chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients, pesticides, and other foreign materials make the liver work harder Your liver is doing its absolute best to take care of you It even converts something called glucose Now you probably already know this

But if you consume carbohydrate-rich foods, like potatoes, rice, all these other things, kinwa, it converts it into glycogen, which is actually stored in your liver, and released between meals And when it does, that glycogen actually gives the energy So if you cannot store glycogen well, you will be prone to what’s called hypoglycaemia, right? And you may get sugar cravings, and feel tired, crashed, and jittery, anxious and depressed, and moody if you haven’t eaten in several hours Everybody has a friend like that, right? That is why I love taking care of my liver with foods Superfoods

Juice, which I’m going to make a juice-detoxifying recipe for you in a second One of my favourite things to do as well is to actually take Organifi Now you’ve heard me talk about it; it’s 11 of the best Superfoods on the planet, all-organic, non-GMO, absolutely amazing for you Ashwaganda is in there, which is going to lower those stress levels in your body, help your liver Your liver will thank you

I’ll thank you My mom will thank you, because she absolutely loves Organifi And you will absolutely love it You can check that out at OrganifiShopcom

Go there right now So instead of typical cleanse, what I recommend in supporting your liver’s natural ability to detox is just eating more of those real foods Certain foods have been studied to add powerful benefits to your liver So if you’re interested in having better sleep, or energy, or a clear mind, and an overall improved health, the following is a list of additional foods that have been shown to help Lemon, dandelion, artichoke, walnuts, apples, and all types of other foods as well

But I wanted to put together a quick recipe I know I went out a huge rant here I’ve shared a bunch of information with you; hopefully you took some notes, because the liver is worth taking notes for It’s taking care of you; you got to take care of it, right? So, here’s the ingredients for the juice recipe Five chard leaves, one full lemon, about a half of inch of turmeric, four carrots

So that’s the juice recipe Let’s get to it If you don’t have time to juice, check out OrganifiShopcom We have 11 of the world’s best superfoods

I talked about it in the video, about halfway through as well You can get it there It’s all organic, non-GMO And check it out Start taking better care of yourself

I’m Drew Canole, let’s announce the Juicer winner If you learned anything in this video at all, my friend, like it, love it, and please share it with somebody that you care about Share it with somebody that probably needs this type of information They won’t see it, otherwise you posted it directly on your Facebook page, or shared it on Youtube, or wherever else you’re watching this video from I’m excited to share next week on how to effectively support your kidneys as well

So get excited for that Leave a comment below this video, for a chance to win the juicer next week I’m Drew Canole As always, remember, we’re in this together and I’ll see you next week


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