😋French Dip Sandwich Recipe – Pressure Cooker- (Cosori)😋

Hi everyone today we are going to be making these wonderful french dips in the pressure cooker today so easy to do and so delicious

Let's go ahead and get started I'm going to be using a rump roast It's just over two pounds I'm going to take this out of the package and add some salt, pepper, and some garlic powder I'm gonna hit the saute button so this can be heating up

I'm going to add some salt, garlic powder and pepper which I'm going to have to do with the camera off because I need both hands for that And I added pepper I'm going to go ahead turn this over and do the other side Okay I just finished seasoning the other side Let's move over to the pressure cooker real quick

FYI, on my corsori when you push the saute button make sure you hit start otherwise it won't heat up I'm gonna to add some olive oil I'm gonna go ahead and add my roast We are going to sear both sides I'm going to go ahead and flip this over and sear the other side

The other side is done searing I'm gonna go ahead and remove this Now I'm going to add a medium chopped onionI'm going to saute this until it's nice and soft Okay my onions have been sauteing for about three minutes

I'm gonna go ahead and add two cups of beef stock, you can use broth or bouillon We want to get these bits off the bottom That is flavor I'm going to go ahead and add the rest of my two cups of beef stock I'm gonna go ahead and turn my pressure cooker off

I'm gonna get my roast and put that back in Now we're gonna put our lid on, lock it Make sure your pressure valve is locked Okay now we are ready to get this going We are going to want to put this on a hundred minutes

I know that's quite a while but we want our beef nice and tender I'm gonna hit the manual button, then pressure temp we want this on high pressure so I'm gonna hit the plus button until we get to high pressure Cook time and we want that again on a hundred minutes we are ready to push start Now I am going to let this do a natural release when this is done which should take about twenty minutes or so

Okay it's been 20 minutes I'm gonna go ahead and release any pressure that may be left Which was no pressure whatsoever I'm going to go ahead and carefully open this up I meant to add about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce to this and I totally forgot

So if you want to do that go ahead but I think this is going to be just fine without it I'm gonna go ahead and take our roast out And I'm going to carefully take our juice and strain it You know if you want you can totally leave the onions in here I'm not going to waste this I'm going to go ahead and put this on my sandwich

that is so good You can add cheese to this if you want I don't like cheese on my french dip sandwiches for some reason This is so good you all I hope you all give this a try and I failed to mention that the beef was so tender This was really, really good

Thank you all so much for watching and I will see you soon


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