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Hi Namaskar How are you Hope all are doing

Here we are fine Today I have come with a special, beautiful, tasty recipe Vegetable Lollypop I had posted dragon chicken before this At that time many vegetarians asked me why am I not showing a vegetarian starter for them

So this is for them and all Its and easy and tasty recipe Dont forget to check out our coleslaw we did before Many people have tried it out and they sent me pics Thanks for that

Same way try this out too Dont forget to send me your feedback So without any delay lets see how to make Vegetable Lollipop Ok Lets begin to make our dish

Before that let me make the sauce for that Then we can make the lollipop It would be easy to dip and have in that sauce Sauce is optional You can even have with sauce or chutney

But for parties when you have this as a starter, it would taste awesome with this sauce For this heat a saucepan and add sesame oil Since its a Chinese item, I am using Sesame oil You can use any refined oil if you want I am using 2tbsp sesame oil here

It gets hot fast So be careful Before the smoke comes, add 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped to the hot oil Lollipop is a very easy recipe If you have the sauce in hand its much easier and tastier

You can store the sauce in the fridge for a week and use later too But I always make for then and there Wile making this sauce wash and cut 2 potatoes to 2 halves and cook for 1 whistle in 1/2 glass water Cook on medium flame Once the potatoes are cooked then the rest can be done fast

Now the oil is hot Add 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped and saute on medium flame for some time Once its done, reduce the flame and then add 2tsp crushed chilli flakes This is a spicy sauce When making for kids you can add just 1tsp

I always crush the chilli flakes I buy from the shop It becomes more fine then Saute on low flame till the raw smell goes The heat should never be high It will get burnt soon

You may lift your pan and stir if you are scared of the heat Let me keep this aside I am adding 3tbsp of tomato ketchup to this Now bring it back to the flame Mix well

Next add 1tbsp all purpose soya sauce If you are using dark soya sauce, then 1tsp will do Mix well and change the flame to medium You have to adjust the taste of sourness according to the tomato ketchup you have added My ketchup isn't so sour so I am adding 1tsp white vinegar to this sauce

You may add as your taste Next I am adding 1tsp sugar All these depends on the sauces you get We shall add salt at the end We have added soya sauce which is salty Next I am adding 1/2 glass hot water

Never pour cold water to this Always be careful about that Hot water is a must Mix this well and let is boil The raw taste must go

This is now a loose consistency Our sauce should be thick For that we have to add cornflour to this 1tsp cornflour in 3tbsp water should be mixed and kept ready 1tsp is enough

Dont add more Let me taste see This is to know what is less here For me sweet and sour is felt but salt is needed So I am adding little salt The taste of the sauce depends on each persons likes

You might not like the taste I like So adjust according to your likes Let this boil well If you dont have chilli flakes, only then use chilli powder But I would always suggest chilli flakes here

Now lets add cornflour to the sauce Our sauce has been boiling for 5mts Lets pour the cornflour mix to this First pour just 2tsp and see Dont pour the whole thing together

If it becomes very thick then it wont taste good A light thickness for the sauce will do Mix it well This is how it looks We shall add 1tsp more Then we should cook it for another 2mts for the raw smell of cornflour to go

Then we shall remove this from the stove I had tasted it again Everything is perfect now You should also taste at this time and adjust as needed This is the correct consistency you need

Not too thick or loose If you feel sweetness is less add some sugar You can reduce the sweetness but sugar is what gives it the taste You can even add brown sugar if you like Do not add jaggery but can add brown sugar instead of sugar

Now I am offing the stove Keep this aside now Now lets begin to make the lollipop I have taken 2 potatoes, cooked them, peeled the skin off and mashed and kept When mashing you should always do it when its hot itself

Then it will be soft Later it would harden I am transferring these potatoes to another bowl Potatoes are the only thing to be cooked here Rest all need not be cooked So its easy

If you cook the potatoes while making the sauce, then its easier Next to be added is 1/2 carrot grated I had shown how to do those in the coleslaw video So I am not repeating it here After 1/2 carrot, add 1/2 cup cabbage You can add any vegetables you like

Can add beans, cauliflower or onions too I am not adding of those here To get a green colour I am adding spring onions I have added just 1tbsp spring onion Its optional

If you want you can add beans or just leave it Add whichever vegetable you like I am adding a small green chilli finely chopped to this This is also optional Adding a pinch of pepper powder too

It gives it a good flavour I cooked the potatoes without salt Now mix everything together We cant fry this like this So we need a binding agent for this

You can add cornflour or maida I am adding 3tbsp cornflour to this Cornflour or maida will do Next I am adding 2tbsp rice flour Next for a crunchy effect I am adding 1tbsp semolina

This is optional You can even add bread crumbs to it Now lets add some salt and ginger garlic paste This is optional You can just crush them and add them if adding

Mix all to form a dough You might be taking different measurements of potatoes, cabbage and carrots Your dry flour ingredients may also vary So you have to see the consistency after mixing all these and then adjust the rest Add flour to thicken if needed This can be understood only after mixing

Now its like this So I am adding little more rice flour to this We had added cornflour before If cornflour increases, its smell stands in front more So I prefer rice flour now

I am adding 1tsbp more rice flour This should be enough You can chill this and make later too Or make it then and there Make balls and then roll them over bread crumbs or semolina

Then if you freeze it, you can fry them the next day for kids as tiffin or anytime you want The consistency is correct now Let me check the salt now Adding little more salt Now its done

Let me wash my hands and come It shouldn't stick to your hands when you touch it Thats the consistency See it should be like this This is now the correct consistency

Now lets make balls with these Usually we get big balls when we order this from a hotel Jan and myself feel it too big to be eaten So when I do it at home as per Jans suggestion, I make small balls You should be able to dip and put the whole ball in your mouth You may make big or small balls as your wish

Wet your palms and then roll small balls and keep aside I am making just this much now But still it will take time to make balls and roll You may ask kids to help Or roll them when you are free

Make small balls and then roll them over bread crumbs You dont need any egg white or maida mix to dip Just roll them over bread crumbs This is just to get a crunchy effect You can even avoid this

When I am in a hurry, I just fry as it is without rolling But when you have guests it would be good if you roll it this way You will get a good crunchy feel while having it Now lets make balls of all and roll them over the bread crumbs and keep it in another plate I have made these many now

Make sure to make balls without any cracks If you feel the dough is a bit wet, then add some rice flour and mix again Now lets fry these I have heated a frying pan with sunflower oil This is to deep fry

You should have oil to fry them till the balls are sunk in the oil Make small balls and fry in a deep pan When the pan is small, you need just little oil When the oil gets hot we shall add the balls and fry If you want it for tomorrow, you can make balls like this, cover it and freeze it

Fry it whenever you want Make the sauce earlier You just have to fry the balls and serve with sauce It becomes easier when you have guests You should feel the heat when you place your hands on top of the pan

It shouldn't be very hot, then the balls will turn dark in colour The inside wont get cooked Cabbage and carrots and raw in the balls So they have to get cooked in the heat Thats very important

The oil is hot Lets drop each ball into the hot oil now Dont add many at a time Add according to the size of your pan Heat should be medium hot

If you dont want to fry, you can bake I have not baked so I dont know how it will be Might take 10mts You can keep it at 180 degrees and bake We wil take around 10mts to fry each batch of this Give a push with a spoon in between

Its now in this colour Should become more golden in colour When it becomes a bit more darker it will begin to float on top of the oil See now they have risen up This means its cooked

But still lets cook till it becomes a bit more darker When they are cooked they rise up See this is the colour we need Its like the colour of gulab jamuns This will be light in weight

Thats the correct way to know it Lets remove them from the oil and place them on a strainer or on a tissue paper Make sure its well fried You can can taken one out of the oil, cut it to two and see If less cooked, cook the rest for some more time

Fry the next batch also the same way Its very easy The video might look lengthy But when you do it, its easy Let me fry the second batch too

Now all are done If you want you can place toothpicks on the balls You can present them with the sauce Or you can dip in the sauce and serve Serve as you like I have cut one to show you how the inside looks

It should look like this Its well cooked A layer has been formed That means the consistency was correct Its best to be eaten when its hot

When giving kids to school they will have to have it cold But at parties, you can serve them hot Let me taste with the sauce and see The consistency of the sauce should be like this Let me have it

Hmmm what to say its awesome Nothing else to say Its easy to make All of you do try it out and let me know your feedback

So until we meet with my next easy peasy recipe Thank you Kutettan is in good form because we are going What have you hung here upside down? I had asked for aloe vera to take to Dubai

He has cut it and hung it this way for the milk to ooze out This is a good idea A big bye to all the actors and actress here for a year Cant see the make up man! Now shall see you on screen after a year


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