Greetings to all of you watching this video Today I will tell you how scary and terrifying parasites will be destroyed by ordinary pumpkin seed, which was taken from this ordinary pumpkin

There is two types of pumpkin seeds: pepitas (shell-less seeds) or usual seeds with shell In my case it'll be pepitas But for those who doesn't have pepitas, but have seeds with shell, I want to tell that if you will remove the shell from the seed, you'll have to keep this slight green capsule, because this exact slight green capsule contains substance which'll struggle against scary and terrifying parasites our organism has plenty of So, let's go! To arms! Arms which'll kill our worms in our organism Take usual pounder and a pinch of pumpkin seeds

Drop a little bit of water for a better pounding And start to pound intensively, using all your efforts and all anger, and saying "parasites, now I'll show you!" It's a joke, obviously You may just simply pound the seeds Little bit more adding our cure, and again crush, pound, pound Attacking like an enemy! Untill you'll get the pulp

That is all you need to destroy parasites of your organism Pulp like this For adults you'll need 300 gram of the pulp, for children 12 year old – 150 gram, 7 year old – 100 gram, 4-5 year old – 75 gram Take it 1 hour before meals If your kid doesn't like this kind of treat, add 1 teaspoon of honey

And give him divided by small portions For animals – like cats or dogs – supplement food they like with the pulp Like, you can add it to curds or whatever your animals like That's it Engage the parasites! I wish you good health! Best wishes! Good bye

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